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  1. Restrepo on Nat'l Geo NOW Sun 20:00

    Heads up...
  2. Bison Having A Really Bad Day...

    LINK That buffalo was having a real "Oh Sh!t, Oh Sh!t, Oh Sh!t..." moment. [shocked]
  3. Shooting in Somerville, Officer and Suspect Shot

    SOMERVILLE (FOX 25 / - Police serving an arrest warrant in Somerville have shot and killed a suspect who had opened fire on officers, leaving one officer in critical condition. LINK
  4. Slow Painful Death Would Be Justice For Marvin... Deepest condolences and sympathy to the family members. [halfmast]
  5. Coen Bros Doing a Remake of True Grit

    Appears to be ready for release Christmas this year. I like the Coen brothers stuff, but I wonder how dark this remake will be since they're doing it?
  6. Picked Up Some Interesting 9mm Today

    I grabbed a few boxes of Fiocchi 9mm 115gr +P+ FMJ, anyone ever tried this stuff? I bought it to run through my Uzi & 9mm AR, think it'd be to hot for handguns?
  7. Pretty Good Deal on Rocky Patel Edge

    Rocky Patel Edge cigars with free 7 cigar sampler pack For the cigar smokers here on NES, this is a pretty good deal. I ordered a box of the Edge Toro Maduro yesterday.
  8. Thoughts On Sirius Portable Radios?

    Just wondering if anyone here has one of the Sirius "portable" radios? I am curious how well these work, reception (specifically in car), in a car do they just simply plug in with an mp3 player cable? Thanks
  9. You're All A Bunch of Knuckle Draggers...

    ...according to Peter Gelzinis if you agree with Jay Severin. IMHO Gelzinis' article kida echos Janeane Garafalo's liberal rant about conservatives.
  10. "The Expendables" So, I was just surfing around on IMDB and found this little "in production" gem. It sounds like a decent shoot 'em up movie...but check out the cast, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this one! [party]
  11. Cool Video of Catastrophic AR Failure
  12. Good Gangland On Right Now...

    On the History Channel, about a ruthless Mexican gang that's at war along the border, the "Los Zetas".
  13. Another Cigar Deal

    This is a great deal on these: Padilla Obsidian
  14. No More Pepsi For Me

    Has anyone else noticed that Pepsi has adopted Obama's red, white & blue logo? Kinda stupid on their PR department, not everyone voted for "the chosen one". I'll be choosing Coke from now on...besides, if you can find it, Coke in glass bottles tastes the best anyway...rant over...
  15. This Guy Was THE BEST! Wish we still had him...
  16. Question About Handguns NOT on the EOPS List

    Ok, so after reading the new '09 EOPS roster, I have a question that hopefully can be answered here. My question is, if a particular handgun is not on the EOPS list and was not registered in the state prior to the GCA of 1998, then is it legal for a civilian to own here in the Commiewealth...
  17. What's Your Favorite Cigar?

    Ok, just got done reading the thread about the cigar bars in Boston going down and it appears there are a few cigar afficionado's among us. So, what is your favorite cigar? So far, if I could only have one stogie, it would have to be a Rocky Patel Edge maduro in toro size....NEXT???
  18. How An AK-47 Works Pretty cool animation of the internal anatomy of the AK family and how they operate.
  19. Test Your Zombie Survival Skills

    Ok, here's your chance to see just how well you could survive a horde of zombies. As you go on, you search for survivors, new weapons (they get better & better as you advance) and rebuild your barricade. Check it out, fun time waster.
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