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  1. More police protecting and serving

    Cops need to mind their own business when they are off duty. Unless the shit is about to hit the fan. then involve as a regular law abiding gun owners would. Just call 911 to send help.
  2. "There Are Basically No Sales": U.S. Auto Industry Enters Total Collapse As A Result Of Nationwide Lockdown

    I put down a deposit for the C-8 2LT last oct 2019 ... If by the end of june i get no update from my Sales person. i am going to cancel. 2020 is a Sh*t show.. same as shot show XD . Ya not going to get a good deal at this moment unless you are looking or last year vehicles. Supply is going to...
  3. what S&W MP 9 mag is this?

  4. Corvette C8 Mid engine..

    The reason i am buying the 1st year production is for my side business. . The Covid-19 is passing back my plan... Hmm if i don't get my order by July. i am going to cancel and get my money back... -_-"
  5. 10rd magazine in 30rd body if you're owning pre-banned ARs.

    Does anybody looking for a 10rd magazine in 30rd body. this made by troy industry. check it out. Very good stuff. It is cheaper than Pmag shorty 10rds . The reason why you need these mags? 1/ legal to own, 2/ it can be shipped within 50 states 3/ fit your magazine pouches because i can't find...
  6. what S&W MP 9 mag is this?

    lol i bought this magazine couple year back. I just sent them an email again to see if they are going to replace it for me. They are finally agreed to replace it for me. Thank you
  7. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    Zombie virus is impossible to create. but you can feed a lot of people bath salt. they can turn into zombies. View:
  8. Issued used firearm

    Dirty guns are not an issue. Worn parts and self reloading ammos are the issue. XD .
  9. Trudeau bans "assault weapons"!

    time to play with illegal B0mI3s now ? if a maniac wanted to kill someone, he will try to find the way..
  10. what S&W MP 9 mag is this?

    It is a single stack 10rds mag from my standard M&P m9 . the mag next to is should be correct. the new one is too short.
  11. what S&W MP 9 mag is this?

    I am not sure if this is a fail to catch it from Smith & Wesson facility or not, but can anybody tell me which MP9 will fit this mag? They packed in the wrong package and i am not spend my money to return it. If you know what type of MP 9 to fit this mag. please let me know. i can sell it to...
  12. Donald Trump is a F****** Moron/Former Collegue/Gun Owner

    Trump can be a great president. if he knows how to choice words to say to the people.... But he is not really into a political and not looking to be a career politicians so he didn't take it very seriously .
  13. Got a call to borrow a gun

    to be honest. i wouldn't let anybody borrowing my guns. if they did something bad with it, you are the one responsible for it. Nope never, over my dead body... I can suggest them to get pepper sprays and baseball bat.. lol
  14. Corvette C8 Mid engine..

    Any of you gun owners in here ordering a Corvette C8 mid-engine car? just wondering how many people are actually buying this car? It is delaying so bad that 2020 already and Chevy haven't ship the cars to their customers yet... This waiting is like waiting for your love one coming back from a...
  15. WTS Tactical gears and accessories, uniforms.. etc

    1/ S.O.C. multicam backpack . in excellent working condition. Just missle waist strap. This backpack is perfect for school or camping. It has different storage for laptop, camelbak and book. Also outter pocket to fit a medium side SAPI plates. MADE in USA $70 2/ Spec ops Multicam wallet...
  16. She's "Gun-free" in Chelsea.... (and deathly afraid)...

    she can still able to carry pepper spray right?
  17. Buying a used car

    Aah that suck. I guess you were talking to a veteran salesman. They love people to finance instead of paying cash... I am not sure if you did finish all the paperwork with boch south... But if you can send me the conversation and the price. I can talk to my manager to see if we can match with...
  18. Century arm ras47 and Samson m1 century rail system ?

    no i have this one. IT doesn't fit..
  19. Century arm ras47 and Samson m1 century rail system ?

    Hi, i bought a Century arm ras47 and samson m1 century rail system for my AK47. but it doesn't fit[sad2]. The gas block and delta ring is made too short for the rail.. Do you know any long rail system that would fit the ras47 ? Thank you
  20. Tacoma vs Ridgeline?

    i will buy tacoma anyday.. :D that truck looks good, it doesn't work like a truck. it has alot of new feature in there. like wireless charging, navigation, backup sensor, blind spot monitor, sunroof . The only thing i wish it would built in is the power adjustable seats fro the driver and...
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