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  1. The Futility of a gun buy back

    Very good article with lots of food for thought. I’ll use it to trigger every anti I know The Futility of a Gun Buyback
  2. And Healey is in.....

    No surprise, but strap on your gloves for another round.
  3. "We are in a state of war"

    Not sure if this is a dupe, but this interview is over 30 years old and exceptionally accurate. YouTube
  4. Buckshot Biden's favorite tune

    "Buy A Shotgun" (Biden's Song) - YouTube
  5. All the bs getting to you?

    I know it was getting the better of me for a while. I'm a simple guy, and like to keep it that way. I go to work, I spend time with my family, and time permitting reload, and hit up the range as much as possible. I'm very well versed in many areas, but politics isn't one of those areas. I've...
  6. The right attitude

    Fight smarter, not harder
  7. Long range clubs in mass

    I'm looking for a place that has some space to stretch my legs. Comming from the south I feel a little cramped at 200 yards. Is there any clubs that offer 500 yards or so in Mass?
  8. Once fired brass

    Looking for a local (central Mass) source for 1x fired .308 brass, preferably LC. Finding .223 is easy, but I'm having a tough time with .308. Any suggestions? EDM
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