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  1. Family tied up and robbed in Florida by men pretending to be Cops

    Sorry if it's a dupe. Sounds like husband, wife, cable guy and (possibly?) the kids were tied up. News says they were wearing body armor - could just be empty plate carriers.
  2. Firearm left in ZipCar

    K - I just heard over the scanner, in the Watertown area - Silver BMW X3 Zipcar.. Person left their registered firearm in the car (their words, not mine). Which one of ya was it?! Speak up, so we can laugh at you [laugh]
  3. Borrow Scope Mounting Tools

    Anyone have the Wheeler (or similar) scope mounting set, that'll let me lap my rings, bubble levels, and torque screwdriver? I'm in Billerica and go into Cambridge every day.. I'd like to borrow it :) I've got three scopes I need to do (one 30mm, two 1 inch), and can't quite justify buying...
  4. Great deal on an Army Style Storage Box

    ON SALE! BUY 'EM CHEAP AND STACK 'EM DEEP! Damn - I needed a good laugh today.
  5. Pocket Carry

    Anyone out there pocket carrying? I was over at a friends house, and I felt super uncomfortable sitting on the couch, knowingly sweeping with my pocket carry (G43) - even though I know guns just don't "go off". I found myself sitting my leg crossed, as not to be sweeping anyone. When I IWB carry...
  6. Imgur links and images being interpreted as %20 (spaces) Is an example. I've tried resizing the photos just in case, but putting the Imgur share link in IMG tags and URL tags yields some funky behavior.
  7. Building out an AK Receiver

    I'm still sitting on my AK Receiver from the GB way back when.. What's the best place to buy a parts kit? Is AK-Builder still the place to go? Is there a list of sites someone wouldn't mind sharing, to rotate through to check on inventory pricing? I think I've only got the effort in me to buy...
  8. Waiting to conceal carry?

    This may be the dumbest (or easiest) question you've read all day. I've broken free of Boston's licensing restrictions (at least, I think I have) by moving to Billerica. My new LTC arrived, no restrictions - but it says it's issued (issue date in the future?..) Nov DD, 2016. My old license...
  9. Another Power Tools Thread.. Need your input

    I've been a DeWALT guy. I've run my Drill Driver/Drill Combo kit for a while - and I have their Impact Wrench both on their NiCAD 18V line. With Black Friday/Cyber Monday right around the corner - I'm wondering, if I were to go with a different brand - which, and why? I like that some of the...

    Renewed my membership after a brief hiatus. Mainly because I couldn't afford to look at deals anymore - guy's got to save for a place! The end is near, closing Sept 16th on a townhouse in Billerica. Now I can spend money on toys... or furniture? [crying]
  11. Renew now, or wait?

    My license is up November of this year. When I called DCJIS to notify them of my address change, I had mentioned that I got a post card saying it's 3 months, you should start the renewal process. They said yup, go ahead and start the process now. Tomorrow I was going to cruise down to...
  12. Tipton Best Gun Vise for $58.65 / Amazon Prime Day

    Sorry - My green membership expired, so I can't post it in NES Members section... $58.65 - Lowest price since 2011 on Amazon. Ends in 51 minutes
  13. Nagoya NA-771 SMA-Female Antenna @ Amazon (Prime Day) $12 $12 Shipped (Prime) SMA-Female 15.6" Whip 144/430 MHz Typically the first upgrade for anyone running a BaoFeng, works with other portables/handhelds that take SMA Female antennas.
  14. WTS Vexilar SonarPhone with Transducer Pod iPhone and Android Sonar for fishing

    Location: Newton, MA and Cambridge, MA FTF or can ship for $10 No trade please $100 I paid $120 for it. Used for 5 days during vacation, fresh water lake. Worked great - but it was an impulse buy since I don't do much fishing. Used it on a Kayak and from shore. Use it for ice fishing, kayaking...
  15. Ex-Millis Cop found Dead.
  16. Tannerite is fun.

    It's shooting related. I'll toss it into General. Bought some Tannerite on the interwebs. (oh noes!) Drove 5 hours to Maine. Mixed that shit. Shot that shit. Recorded that shit. (Unfortunately I didn't get my shot on video, and we had to drive 45 mins to a Dunks to get WiFi because work...
  17. Pickup trucks of snow in Boston

    Who was it.. I didn't get a second pic, but the other truck had an AR15 sticker on it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Dick's will not sell handgun ammo to LTC-A with restrictions

    I had a lengthy talk with the veteran working the Ammo counter at the Saugus Dick's. He said just recently at a managers meeting that this new store policy was rolled out for stores in Massachusetts. I politely asked for the manager, who had admitted she wasn't sure, but that's what she...
  19. Boston EMS on ABC

    Just noticed the other night on Boston EMS (new TV Series), the two paramedics rocking the subdued American flag hats are BCM. Anyone on here? Also - saw the younger (always wearing Oakleys) EMT at Fenway in line for a beer wearing a WWP shirt, don't suppose he's on here either? K, back to...
  20. Cabela's

    Has anyone asked the Cabela's in Berlin why you can't do ship to store if you're ordering in MA and picking up at the store? I tried their e-mail, but I haven't heard anything.
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