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  1. 10rd magazine in 30rd body if you're owning pre-banned ARs.

    Does anybody looking for a 10rd magazine in 30rd body. this made by troy industry. check it out. Very good stuff. It is cheaper than Pmag shorty 10rds . The reason why you need these mags? 1/ legal to own, 2/ it can be shipped within 50 states 3/ fit your magazine pouches because i can't find...
  2. what S&W MP 9 mag is this?

    I am not sure if this is a fail to catch it from Smith & Wesson facility or not, but can anybody tell me which MP9 will fit this mag? They packed in the wrong package and i am not spend my money to return it. If you know what type of MP 9 to fit this mag. please let me know. i can sell it to...
  3. Corvette C8 Mid engine..

    Any of you gun owners in here ordering a Corvette C8 mid-engine car? just wondering how many people are actually buying this car? It is delaying so bad that 2020 already and Chevy haven't ship the cars to their customers yet... This waiting is like waiting for your love one coming back from a...
  4. WTS Tactical gears and accessories, uniforms.. etc

    1/ S.O.C. multicam backpack . in excellent working condition. Just missle waist strap. This backpack is perfect for school or camping. It has different storage for laptop, camelbak and book. Also outter pocket to fit a medium side SAPI plates. MADE in USA $70 2/ Spec ops Multicam wallet...
  5. Century arm ras47 and Samson m1 century rail system ?

    Hi, i bought a Century arm ras47 and samson m1 century rail system for my AK47. but it doesn't fit[sad2]. The gas block and delta ring is made too short for the rail.. Do you know any long rail system that would fit the ras47 ? Thank you
  6. I got a job as a Car Salesman a dealership. Come see me guys and gals.

    [smile] I left my old job because i don;t like the performance of a co-worker, which slowing everything down. so i just got a new job as sales associate at Boch Toyota dealership in norwood. I am just letting you guys know, so when you or one of your family member ready to look and purchase a...
  7. Massachusetts live shooting handguns and tactical carbine classes?

    Do we have this type of classes in this state? I don't want to pay 500 to 800 to take those classes from those guys from magpul and traveling to other states. But do we have any good local instructor who is hosting to teach those type of classes?[rolleyes] If you do, please give me the link...
  8. I NEED HELP!!!

    MY g/f bought a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse with a broken coolant, exhaust and engine leak for $800 without knowing anything. i Spent almost 2K at the auto mechanic to fix it up. After 6 months later the car is broken and now it needs a new transmission block [sad2] . The I.R.S. robbed me from 2012...
  9. Facebook anti-gun troll page. lol. <--- [laugh2]
  10. Newtown, CT shooting document..

    I have a feeling it was something fishy about this...
  11. Why YOU should build your own AR15 ?

    Maybe this video is sum up everything. lol
  12. Should never buy Alstate auto insurance.. You are not in a good hand..

    I can't believe they denied my claim and not wanting to pay for the damage by a hit and run driver. I am now have to pay out of my own pocket which is 1,700 - $2,400 to repair the damage. The damage was from rear pumper all the way up to the rear passenger door. They said the damage on my car...
  13. WTS Lamp and bulbs , HKS LExus IS250 filter and random stuffs

    $20 for everything $10 Bracelet $25 HKS high quality air filter for lexus is250 / is350 not sure if isf will fit Wifi rounder comes with CD to install and everything you need. $25 Gortex marpat size small regular $40 new Under armor outer coat wear size small $20...
  14. martin burns wildlife management range

    Hi, does anybody know the exact address to get there? I heard i need to write a letter so i can get a pass to shoot there. Can anybody help me out? Thank you[smile]
  15. Defense Pentagon Magazine 10-Round Legal in mass.

    Would you get this? only $100 bucks or less. Magpull 10rd mag i got it for $16 x 5 total already $80 if you are paying cash at our local gun shop.. Hmm..
  16. My first Ar build ever. Very happy with it.

    Picture will tell a thousand words. it is 96% done i need to save up more money to get Battle comp 1.0 . larue index clip rail cover, Surefire m952v tan, PEQ 15 tan and troy rear and front sight in FDE color. So far it is a mass compliant rifle.[smile] and last is my Ar and my airsoft gun...
  17. WTS At 4 tube for collector, WII game system and game for kid

    This is a new condition AT-4 tube for sale. Asking for $320. WII system with game for your kids . $140 in excellent condition. Reason i am selling because i need money to fix my g/f's car. Thank you
  18. Massachusetts House bill 4121 on new gun law. I already wrote an email to my local senator. Do your part. Thanks
  19. Question about firearm registration?

    I am a bit confuse here. Does our state have firearm registration everytime we buy a firearm? Do we have to register our firearm as private seller? Thank you
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