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  1. Received a letter from GOAL >>

    "Change of address notification for license to carry firearms" I moved in late June to a new town. That week I mailed (certified) my change of address form to the town I was leaving, the town I moved to and the Firearm bereau in Chelsea. Why is GOAL sending me this? Sorry if this is a...
  2. terribly sad >> As soon as I read this article I wrote my wife and said I want her to learn to shoot the HK USP .40 with some level of comfort. Seriously. I'm not going to be the Dad away on a sales trip that has to come home to...
  3. socal gun buyback violates 626.9 (school zone) >>

    Good going dummies -- read this cross post from The "locations" referenced in the quote above are in school zones.
  4. drunk guy shot dead >>

    Tragic - yes. A lot of the comments are about how sensless it is, or how inappropriate it was to shoot the guy, etc. I would like to remind these folks that there is no way of knowing the intentions of a shiit-hammered man kicking in your door in the middle of the night...
  5. good SHTF read >>

    valuable stuff.
  6. Professor Called Police After Student Presentation >> unreal.
  7. Moving to another town in MA >>

    can someone advise me on the proper procedure and order of operations. I don't entirely trust the local PD to know.
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