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  1. WTS SA XDM 9MM-Reduced

    Have a SA XDM 4.5 barrel 9MM. Comes with original case and contents. 2 extra mags for a total of 4. Fiber optic sight and match barrel. Very low rd count. Gun is extremely reliable and accurate Cash only, no trades Green members - $500 or $525 and a box of ammo. Non green NES $525, no...
  2. SOLD Winchester 9MM -Thanks Mike

    sold to Mike
  3. SOLD 45 auto ammo

  4. WTS Brass

    335 used 7mm mag cases of which 220 are primed and 115 are unprimed. Looking to sell as lot for $75 + shipping. Also have 300 used 270 Winchester cases sell as lot for $55. + shipping. and 290 308 cases will sell as lot for $60 + shipping. Can be picked up in East Brookfield, Spencer area
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  6. Shooting Surplus. Com

    Anyone deal wit hthis online outfit? They don't show an address nor a phone number. They have magazines I need. Thanks
  7. WTS Master trigger locks

    I have 5 Master trigger gun locks. there are 2 with same keys others are singles. $5 ea shipping extra
  8. P365

    Stopped at Cabelas on my way home and to my surprise there was a P365 sitting in the case for $499.99. Asked the woman if they had more than one and she said "I have a couple". I left without one. What's wrong with me? Geesh BTW that was 3 pm this afternoon.
  9. Need I-Pad help

    My wife's I Pad mail app is not loading. When she turns on the I Pad and the Icons come up, she touches the mail Icon and the screen goes black for a few seconds and then back to the main page. This started on Monday and she has no idea why it won't open. She did not change any settings. Any...
  10. Gun shops in Maine

    So I was up in Maine Wed-Thurs for house hunting and had time to stop at some LGS's. Met a few really nice owners. I was surprised to see as many 9MM handguns in these shops. They even had some 9MM ammo, one shop was $24.99 a box. One shop did have a sign on their door that said Maine residents...
  11. Buyer or Seller?

    Who should travel? I know when we had the Waffles on FB, the "buyer" (winner) was to go to the "seller". I'm sure there are some sellers that will travel because they need to sell it or just want "to get rid of it". So sellers and buyers, what's your opinion? Thanks
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  14. Reloading dies

    $12 each or 5 or more $10 each plus shipping or pick up. Reloading Dies List Maker Die Caliber Special Lyman AA 222 Rem Lyman AA 243 Lyman AA 243 Lyman AA 17 Rem PC Lyman AA 25-06 Lyman AA...
  15. WTS Mec Shotgun bars

    $4 each or 5 or more $3 each plus shipping costs. Or can pick up. Shotgun Bars Maker Bar Number Quantity Style Gauge Mec 0 6 302 12 Mec OA 2 302 12 Mec OH 1 302 12 Mec 1 2 302 12 Mec 2 5 302...
  16. Who isn't buying a handgun because of ammo?

    Been thinking of a .45 auto but with low or no availability of ammo, I haven't done it. Anyone else have this predicament?
  17. Returning a firearm?

    If you purchase a firearm, whether it be a pistol, rifle or shotgun and it malfunctions multiple times and/or is defective, can the dealer take it back in return and refund you? Does the 3 day return policy in Mass be valid on firearms?
  18. WTS postponed

  19. .22LR ammo

    At Wal Mart in Ware this AM. There was over 10K rds, Rem Golden buckets, 1400 rds ($64.00), CCI Blazer in 1050 box ($39.99), CCI, Mini Mags ($7.47 -100), Standards ($3.47- 50), Winchester. Shocking to say the least.
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