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  1. Baker with Biden ?

    No mass is not in play. Even if Trump won mass the cabal would make sure it went for slow Joe. We well see if Deleo lets Baker talk about it or even take the job if offered. In closing Biden can have Baker. There the same lying scumbags.
  2. Trump Supporters in New Hampshire Receive Letters Threatening to Burn Down Their Homes

    Democraps being violent!? Shocked! Shocked I tell ya.
  3. Biden's 7 Economic Deadly Sins

    I'm not shocked to often. I generally keep my expectations low so as not to be disappointed. But I must say, I'm surprised I'm seeing as many feels up and heels up signs as I have. Despite everything that anybody can plainly see there still going to vote for this idiotic foolishness.
  4. USA Today endorses Biden

    What's best is the media considered themselves king makers. Their stilled pissed The Donald wouldn't kiss the ring and he beat them at their own game.
  5. What Generation is your Glock?

    Gen2-2 gen3-3 Gen4-1 Gen5-1 Might be missing one or two. Gen5 19 is by far my favorite. And possibly my favorite of all the guns I have.
  6. M&P Full Size 1.0 9mm Accuracy

    From everything that I have read there were many M&P9 in the first gen that had horrendous accuracy issues. Also the 10lb plus trigger. This was supposedly a quality control issue at Smith. The other story that I've read often is that they were running the "cutters " for the barrel way longer...
  7. Pro-Second Amendment judge overseeing third gun rights case this week, gun control groups cry foul

    You have got to love these basterds. For once we have a real chance at winning one for our side and they cry foul. Really all this for one judge. It's like when liberals' complain about Fox news. You have every single network on their side and one doesn't go along with the program in its fullest...
  8. What do people think about this?

    I'm not disagreeing with what your saying my point was that in the end the result is the same. Death. I've had two friends over the years commit suicide. The end result was the same. I was at a complete loss both times. I don't think it would have changed my feelings about it if they had shot...
  9. Engineer creates the world's first real-life retractable 'Star Wars' lightsaber that burns at over 4,000°F and can slice through METAL

    This looks great for opening doors. Cutting open cars in half and keeping the neighborhood safe if looters start running amok.
  10. What do people think about this?

    Somehow it makes people feel better if they don't kill themselves with a gun but by some other means. I just don't get the logic in that thought process. Like some of these crazy school shooters. Would it make you feel better if they drove into a school with a van and blew it up and killed a...
  11. About 110,000 Californians have bought a gun since the coronavirus arrived

    And they will still vote for loony democrats. So ya this means absolutely nothing. but gunz so panic.
  12. Massachusetts' gun registry

    Isn't this common knowledge that our guns our registered in this state.
  13. Hunter Biden becomes the hunted?

    The people that will vote for Biden dead or alive will never change their vote. Anyone who has watched Biden for the last several months can see what kind of state he is in. Yet they will vote for him anyways. There is no scandal that will ever change their minds. Also no matter what evidence...
  14. Why is the .40 caliber losing popularity?

    The 400 lbs/ft makes sense. The Spear Golddots 124+p rounds come in right at 1200 ft per second generating around 400 ft/lbs. This round was/is used by a number of law enforcement agency's and they've had good results with it. Based on center mass hits. Its been over a decade since this round...
  15. Why is the .40 caliber losing popularity?

    As a side note I really enjoy the banter back and fourth with this. Up until this ammo shortage I've mostly shot 9mm. I've probably put less then a thousand rounds down range of 40 in the last five or so years while I've averaged around 5 to 6 thousand rounds a year of 9. The F.B.I. has dictated...
  16. Why is the .40 caliber losing popularity?

    It's simple math. The 40 is as a general rule heavier then a 9 but almost as fast. It's almost as heavy as a 45 but faster. Therefore two almosts make it mostest better. There I said it. It's just better with a wicked lota more power.
  17. Why is the .40 caliber losing popularity?

    Anybody that doesn't realize that the 40 is simply the bestest handgun round ever made is just another example of our falling education system in this country. It's faster then a 45 and heavier then a 9. Therefore just better.
  18. i think it will, but...

    I have swapped out gen2 and gen3 19s and 23s with no issues. The ninja rail and the finger grooves are the only differences.
  19. Why is the .40 caliber losing popularity?

    I thought that when Obama was elected that his policies would crash and burn. (which they did.) and then these people would see that this leftist move is a failure and would come back to normal thinking. Well it didn't happen and as a matter of fact they liked the way things were under Obama and...
  20. Guess what this is.

    OMG. I'm going back to the 40thread and talk about how tough and awesome I am. Because passing that just scares the hell out of me. Like a little baby crying.
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