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  1. Trading forward - ** Trade Completed ** PLEASE REMOVE **

    Well, I was certainly entertained, and chuckled more than once as I read through the responses. But Buck Faker's post resonated the most - it was pretty much the convo I had with myself deciding to give it all away. [rofl] I will post a follow up later to confirm our exchange, or to list...
  2. Trading forward - ** Trade Completed ** PLEASE REMOVE **

    Final edit: Met up with BF, trade completed, with his intent to pass along whatever he won't need. All is good. TRADE COMPLETED So I was going to reload .40 S&W, until I wasn't. I had started from scratch, bought and scrounged most everything I needed, a bunch of it from on this site years...
  3. What's your role?

    Hey, at least you'll have a decent water supply nearby [wink] I say stock up so you and the girls can lay low for a bit, while the herd thins itself out first. [laugh]
  4. Survival Deals

    Careful on this one, dog across the street supposedly died getting too much cat food to eat.
  5. Set off store alarms today

    My stepson went for about a year setting off alarms without being able to figure out why. I finally found a tag tucked in (and stuck to) the inside of an inner pocket of his wallet.
  6. Markey wins.

    ???... And to get to the original, sensible, question, no. In the end it would not have made a difference. Once these people get in office, the machine is too large and cumbersome for any individual or small group to have any affect. So you form multi-faceted factions that make deals...
  7. Gun Show Schedule

    This seems current. [smile] (So the answer would be, no) [sad2]
  8. Massive Explosion at Boston Marathon Finish Line

    Frankly, 15-20 lbs is the minimum weight of the average middle/high schooler's backpack full of books/notebooks. That would be just another day walking home from school for them. [thinking]
  9. Elizabeth Warren: Why Isn’t Minimum Wage $22 an Hour?

    It's because she's at work, so she couldn't text her friend to ask her. [rolleyes]
  10. Plymouth Gun show ?

    Wikipedia defines prototype as "an early sample or model built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from." The description of your day sounded like the best day at the gun show one could imaging having. [smile] Enjoy!!
  11. Plymouth Gun show ?

    Dude!! You just created a prototype for the best gun show ever. [smile]
  12. No chance to surrender, The guy was just another dog to them.

    Well, maybe not ban the clubs, but certainly we should regulate them, especially the drivers. Only professional golfers need to be using drivers. And why do people need all those clubs anyway? I see people with FOURTEEN clubs in their golf bag. And it's LEGAL!?! And they almost always buy...
  13. Upcoming Marlboro Gun Show - Waste of Time or Worth the Trip?

    [thumbsup] Never heard of a fire code violation. (Crowds and aromatic ambiance, Yes) Lines outside are a result of waiting at the ticket window. Usually available, sometimes new, almost always something used. Depending on what you're looking for you can have success. Prices may not be...
  14. Thanks

  15. This just keeps getting better and better...

    And I looked first to see if it was already here, cause it seemed so obvious that it would be. [thinking] Apparently, I'm not spending enough time perusing the site lately. [rofl2]
  16. This just keeps getting better and better...

    First read about the initial story in NJ while visiting the in-laws over the New Year. Then came upon this update while surfing the web this evening. There's no way to even begin to put enough [rolleyes] to summarize my thoughts on this one...
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