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  1. Rachel Dolezal

  2. Shots fired at Muhammed art exibit

    ISIS messes with Texas, changes name to WASWAS
  3. South shore "multi-town pot bust"

    I'm pretty sure it's up for vote this coming year
  4. Anyone good with "tor"

    That's true, setting up keys and exchanging them are a big hurdle in this endeavor.
  5. Anyone good with "tor"

    It is possible to do what you asked, but the result is probably not what you would expect. This is why I asked you to clarify your goal.
  6. Anyone good with "tor"

    correctly encrypted the email is private, as far as the contents of it.
  7. Anyone good with "tor"

    Could you explain what it is you want to accomplish by doing this? I think if you did so, you would find that TOR isn't what you're looking for.
  8. Snub Nose Glock

    I wanted to see if there was any way to make it uglier than it already was
  9. Snub Nose Glock

    I enjoy the g19 cut down to g26. I did it to my 19, it wasn't difficult and didn't come out too bad for a first time mod. The only thing I disliked about the mod was that I ended up sanding too far in the wrong direction, which could have been prevented by not figuring it out myself. If I had...
  10. P.O.S. Jesse Ventura suing SEAL sniper Chris Kyle's widow

    Was it the quote I selected from the article, which you still have in your reply, about how she'll "likely pay some damages" that made you think that was what I was implying? Perhaps the "millions of dollars left to her name" part was confusing. Nope, never seen it. I'm not into bad TV.
  11. P.O.S. Jesse Ventura suing SEAL sniper Chris Kyle's widow

    This is what I think of every time some mouth breather manages to string together some sort of sentence along the lines of how this "bad bad man" is targeting that "poor helpless woman" and taking her house away and leaving her penniless.
  12. Terrorist Attack in Paris

    FRANCE: A hostage situation is being reported right now inside a jewelry store in Montpellier, France. PHOTOS - — KolHaolam (@KolHaolam) January 9, 2015
  13. Terrorist Attack in Paris

    people are reporting that the female in the supermarket got away. <- likely FUD
  14. Any 2A friendly docs in the Boston area?

    also difficult to find, if you know of one let us know
  15. Any 2A friendly docs in the Boston area?

    I'm also interested in this
  16. Ebola outbreak (super dumpster megathread)

    best line ever from the Obama ebola update that just happened: "we don't just react based on our fears" I wish I had that sound byte for the next mass shooting ban the guns law debate
  17. Strippers and the 2nd Amendment

    Isn't God supposed to be all knowing? Why can't this guy just say "and please save Candy, you know, the one who tempted me so awfully after Satan tricked me into visiting her establishment every other day and using up all my paycheck"
  18. Ebola outbreak (super dumpster megathread) I thought the ebola scare was over. More teachers were caught having sex with their students just this week than people in the US have died to ebola. Now this NYC thing gets the ball rolling again
  19. Ebola outbreak (super dumpster megathread)

    Everyone keep in mind that Ebola is still tied with Ted Kennedy for number of people killed in America
  20. Ebola outbreak (super dumpster megathread)
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