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  1. 17 yo amateur tied for lead in US Women's Open w/ 6 holes left!

    H. J. Choi may pull off a feat not accomplished since 1967 by being the first amateur to win the US Women's Open! I hope she pulls this off, but relinquishes her amateur standing right before they hand out the checks. If she doesn't, I humbly ask that she takes the check and just sign it over...
  2. Any opinions on Sig Gen 2 716?

    I have a potential trade opportunity and would appreciate any first hand experience with the Sig Gen 2 716. I would be letting go of a Delta Elite with some blemishes but throwing in two spare mags and some ammo, including 7 boxes of Winchester Black Talon. I think the trade is slightly in...
  3. MA PD Trolling?

    I saw this on posting the MA section of Armslist. Just in case the listing comes down (or gets yanked); WANT TO BUY: BUY FROM PRIVATE UNREGISTERED PARTY Price: OFFER Seller...
  4. Pin Shoot, Open to Public, Newton NH

    A great time will be had by all! Next match Thursday, June 27. Registration closes at 6:55, $7 per gun. Country Pond Fish & Game Club Pin Shoot Matches
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