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  1. Cleaning Tumbler Bowls

    Northshore Firearms is where I got my Big Dillon media separator. I think it was around $80.00..
  2. Going away stuff for new Soldier/

    Tell him to call you when He's almost finished there and you will make the arrangements for him to get home. Going in on Sept. 15th means He will graduate from there around XMAS time. That's hardest time for a young soldier to get a flight.
  3. Anyone else a compulsive hoarder???

    There's a fine line between Hoarding and Alzheimer's disease. I know because I've already crossed it.
  4. Vietnam Vet's Roll Call

    1967-1968 Ashua Valley..
  5. Coyote Killed; May Have Attacked 2 in Suburb

    I saw a Coyote seating at a school bus stop the other morning at 8am in Hyde Park right after the kids left. The weird part was, it's a busy street.
  6. What's your favorite Hotel in N.H. or Maine?

    I've stayed in a lot of Hotels in Maine and New Hampshire but none of them have really stood out. Money isn't a problem but I would like some place that's has easy access.
  7. If you must buy a cheap spotting scope, what do you buy?

    Konus Konuspot 20-60x80mm
  8. Looking for a 12 passenger van for Sept 16-19

    Try Jack Madden Ford..
  9. vietnam vet

    I was really screwed up when I got out. I had spent a long time in the Army hospital and my mind had blocked out all memory of ever being in the Army. It was so bad I moved away from my family and friends so I wouldn't have to talk about it. About a year later I was living in Natick and my...
  10. Government wants your 401(k) (seeing as the unions failed to get it)

    With the new taxes starting in January I'm seriously thinking about cashing in all my stocks and 401k's.
  11. Any Eastern MA stores that carry shotshell reloading supplies?

    That's Bill's Outboard enginges 322 Lincoln Street (Route 3A) Hingham, Mass. 02043 1-781-749-1303 I've been there, it's tucked away in a connor of the store. He has real good prices on powder, I got 2 pounds of Unique for $36 there recently. I don't know what he has to offer for shotgun...
  12. NRA Pistol Instructor Class Study suggestions

    Take the class some where else... How can half the class fail if their paying attention.. Some thing is wrong if that actually happened..
  13. Foam for gun case

    Foam Rubber Discount Center 169 Brighton Ave., Allston, MA They have all sorts of different types and are great to deal with.
  14. What stance do you use while shooting handgun?

    I use the old and blind stance.
  15. PA - Delivery Driver Shoots 1 Of 2 Teen Robbers

    The 40-year-old victim, who works for China Express on Paxton Street in Harrisburg, declined to comment through an interpreter Thursday.
  16. To those of you who carry a 1911 normally...

    I carry a 5 inch custom 1911 in a Mitch Rosen IWB on a 1.5 inch belt from the beltman.
  17. '04 F-150 vs. '05 Durango: help me choose

    65,000 miles (7/70 warranty) is a big difference from 112,000 miles with no warrenty.
  18. Out of grenades for the M79 + last mag of ammo for the M16 = bayonet charge

    I carried a M79 for a while, we carried them as a back up, on a sling over our back along with 6 rounds. They also were good for firing flares and the Army also had 40mm shotgun rounds for them if you wanted them. I can give you a hard earned tip about them. Don't ever use one of them in a...
  19. My LTC is not valid for 6 yrs

    They did that to me once. Now I go in a lot earlier..
  20. Junk Brass

    I got about 20 pounds of used primers will they take that along with the brass?
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