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  1. Project Veritas: Ilhan Omar connected voter fraud

    This is pretty alarming and probably happening all over the country. The Dems will do anything to steal this election.
  2. South Park Pandemic Special

    "Oh scissor me timbers!" Should be a funny episode.
  3. Go ahead, vote by mail, it'll be fine

    All part of the Dems plan.
  4. Heading West Tomorrow....Got Elk?

    Sounds like a good time to me.
  5. RBG Replacement Supreme Court Appointment megathread

    Mark my words, nothing is off the table now for the left to steal this election via mail-in voter fraud. Absolutely nothing...
  6. How Motorcyclists Think People React When They Ride By

    Needs a title edit "Motorcyclists" "Harley Larpers".
  7. ar 15 iron sights recommendation

    Knights has the best iron sights I've used.
  8. Hunting Season Gets Off To A Bad Start

    I wouldn't call him triggered, the comment from the UK commie was pretty weak.
  9. Hunting Season Gets Off To A Bad Start

  10. Anyone still boycotting the NFL?

    Not angry, I have more important things to be angry about. Just tired of the pandering from millionaires. Over 4000 shooting deaths in one city (Chicago) and 20,000...
  11. TDS rears it's ugly head

    Your trolling is becoming tiresome.
  12. Great Job Cheshire NH GOP

    Didn't everybody already know that already?
  13. Chris Evans

    After hitting it with the hair dry first of course. [rofl]
  14. Chris Evans

    How do you post a pic to instagram by accident? It shows you twice what you are about to post.
  15. Great Job Cheshire NH GOP

    Sadly with so many fake victim stories, I take these with a grain of salt.
  16. Teenage music school student is shot by a cop who opened fire with his personal assault rifle as he chased a bank robber

    JFC that kid had absolutely no idea what was going on. [thinking]
  17. TDS rears it's ugly head

    So many low T pussies in here.
  18. Happy Birthday NHCraigT

    Good day for a birthday, happy birthday guys!!! [cheers]
  19. Sargent wma Newton nh

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