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  1. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    We've been required to wear masks at my office. When I've gone out to pick up lunch a few times I just keep it on because taking it off when in my vehicle would require touching the mask / my face immediately after I just touched a bunch doors to enter/leave buildings.
  2. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Saw some easter eggs, or rocks, while walking around some trails by my apartment.
  3. Gun Club closure megathread

    I know.... that is why I asked if anyone has any information what any individual club's reasoning is. Just curious. While not a range/club per se, Granite State Bowhunters League has cancelled all shoots through at least 4/6.
  4. Gun Club closure megathread

    If anyone has any information: Are the private clubs that are closing everything (including outdoor ranges) doing so because think Baker's order requires them to? Or is it something like: they think their members will not be able to maintain safe distances at the facilities and therefore total...
  5. Gun Club closure megathread

    What about it - is it closed? Various clubs are listed in post #1 with no explicit status described. Is that meant to imply they are completely closed?
  6. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    What are the various Club/Ranges doing? So far I've seen: Maynard sportsmens club announced all ranges (Trap, Skeet, Indoor and Outdoor) are closed. Nevermind: just saw the thread in General topics...
  7. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

  8. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Ughh... bow is strung backwards....
  9. Have schools gone completely nutz?

    This is the same reason I gave up on getting/maintaining various instructor credentials, i.e. boy scouts, usa archery, etc... Considering the multitude of data breaches of personal information in the not too distant past, I'm not handing out personal information unless there is a significant...
  10. Illegal satellites now?!

    The article mentions the main gripe of the FCC was the size of the satellites From a link in the article: "In other words, the FCC feared that the tiny broadcasters would escape notice by routine radar surveillance, making them a potential danger in orbit. Swarm suggested adding special...
  11. Mossberg Announces Retrograde Pump-Action Shotguns

    Are they teaming up with Elon Musk and launching a bunch of shotguns in to orbit for some steampunk ASAT technology?
  12. Man bites off golfer's finger.

    I keep trying to tell people that shooting sports are safer... ^^ ahh, beat me to it
  13. Is this discrimination?

    Great, then he will be the gun guy who is 'keeping score' on everybody in his secret notebook... no way that could be misinterpreted ;)
  14. Monadnock Rod and Gun - We Need Your Help

    Monadnock is hosting a 3D archery shoot this Sunday, 8/12, as part of the Granite State Bowhunter's League - great way to practice for bowhunting season and also support local clubs. (30 target 3D course) 3-D Schedule | Granite State Bowhunters Registration (start time) for GSB shoots is...
  15. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    That is correct - I do have less than 10 nukes.
  16. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Saw this while driving this morning. Picture is not great, but I think you can make it out. First set of truck-balls I've seen that are somewhat respectable (made from piston & connecting rod).
  17. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    That must be what losing a bet at the local libertarian club looks like.
  18. The comprehensive, omnibus Mountain Bike Thread

    I'm considering getting a new bike (last bicycle I got was probably ~15 years ago, when I was perhaps a few inches shorter)... Thinking about a hybrid style, perhaps this: CrossTrail - Mechanical Disc | I would probably be mostly riding on roads and perhaps some well groomed...
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