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  1. Log book?

    Index cards per caliber and a master list by date on an XL spreadsheet.
  2. The True Story of Charlie Wilson

    WOW ! Plenty of free time on your hands to go back to a 2007 thread !!!!!!! :D:D:D:D
  3. COVID-19 Shelter-In-Place Mini MilSurp WTS/WTT/WTB....ADD YOUR LIST

    I would be interested in buying this. Would you provide a price and pics ? regards....roger
  4. need a scale rec

    I've had several balance beam scales and the RCBS 10-10 is, hands down, the finest one !! Extremely accurate with very fast dampening !!!
  5. Bill Clinton Uses Columbine Anniversary to Push More Gun Control for Chicago

    They pile on a dirt bag like Weinstein and let this f***ing pervert write a**h*** op-eds !
  6. NES/MFS August Giveaway

  7. Great Give Away, Part I

    I would be interested in the 100 rounds Swedish 6.5mm Mauser FMJBT ammo !!!! regards....roger
  8. Shelf life and accuracy of handloads and reloads

    You can't fix stupid ! But you can ignore it !!!! regards... roger
  9. Sifting pan

    Thanks for the tip !!!! On order as we speak [grin]
  10. Article: California Considers Ban on All Gun Dealers

    The land of fruits and nuts !!
  11. Bright line near base on 5.56 after resizing

    What EC said !
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