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  1. Counter Petition in Support of 2A and Kittery Trading Post

    A petition has been started by some local lefties in favor of boycotting Kittery Trading Post selling AR-style rifles and High Capacity Mags. Here is the link to the article for you to read Parents boycott Kittery Trading Post over assault rifles - News - - Portsmouth, NH...
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  3. Leading by Example No namby pamby stuff here
  4. Favorite Songs Megathread

    I'm an avid music fan of all genres. How about sharing all the songs you love, bringing back good memories and bad. What great songs have we been missing all these years not knowing they existed or who the artist was? I'm sure each of us can share our favorites and enlighten the whole group...
  5. Friday night cheer-up

    With the sad news of losing four embassy staff in Libya and all the other crap happening at the moment, I thought it would be nice to share this. Even with all the issues we face we are still the best nation to live in by far - we are free, we love life and no-one will tread on us. A version of...
  6. Perhaps the Vampires are coming before the Zombies
  7. How do you unregister a gun in Massachusetts?

    OK, I have done a search and cannot find a relevant thread so forgive me if this is a dupe. Recently I purchased a shotgun from out of state and registered it using the e-FA10. The shotgun proved to be faulty and the dealer took it back and gave me a refund. I have since purchased an...
  8. Sig Sauer Pistol Cases

    Just got a new Sig Sauer pistol and noticed that the black case is missing the rubber liner in the lid. Not a real problem as the pistol was held in place by the instruction manual and stuff that the pistol comes with. Without the stuff in there is too much clearance so when holding the case you...
  9. Triple 7 and Pyrodex storage - what are the limits in MA?

    I just want to make sure of the definition of these black powder substitutes. Without a permit ammo storage laws allow 16 lbs for smokeless and 2 lbs for black powder. Does anyone know if Triple 7 and Pyrodex fall under the smokeless category or under black powder? I'm guessing the former but...
  10. No more freeloading ... Green is good

    Finally joined. This forum is too good to be anything other than green.
  11. A club none of us want to be a member of Sad reading ...
  12. Hope they catch the scumbag quickly Why does crap like this have to be inserted as if it has any relevance?
  13. FA-10 - Antique and C&R registration

    I've just bought my first C&R listed gun (have both C&R and LTC-A licenses) and completed the Massachusetts e-FA-10. There is no checkbox for C&R so how can tell that this is not an illegal purchase? Also, what is the point of the "Antique" checkbox since antique firearms aren't...
  14. How could I have missed this song all these years ...

    The female singers are spectacular. LC is in good form as well.
  15. Recommendations for freestanding vertical gun rack

    Is there anywhere in New England where one can find quality gun racks for sale? I'm keen to inspect before I buy and want one that is well finished in a decent wood. Recently ordered one from Amazon and I sent it back as it was so badly made.
  16. How do you decock a S&W 41 target pistol?

    I've just purchased a S&W 41 and was wondering how to decock it. I don't want to dry fire it and the hammer is hidden so it cannot be lowered.
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