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  1. Vermont grocery store worker fired after apprehending purse snatcher

    It's not a new policy. I worked at Home Depot 20 years ago when I was in college and they were always telling us not to try to stop a shoplifter. In the early days they made an effort to hire guys who had experience in the trades so some of the staff were rugged fellas. The company was also...
  2. Avoid The Range by Jimmy Primos

    You forgot the Tour de Trump. It was supposed to become America's Tour de France.
  3. Too close to home.

    A buddy who's from here lost his house in the Medford, OR fire two days ago and my ex gf lives in Salem, OR so she's pretty close to it.
  4. School me on Maine Coon Cats

    They're big and furry. Fur can get matted if you don't brush them. They tend to be loyal and independent like dogs. They might greet you at the door after work or wake you up in the morning but they'll go find another spot after you give them some attention. They can be protective so sometimes...
  5. Smells Like Teen Spirit was released 29 year ago, today

    That's every day at work for me. The boss is 50 and loves the early 90's alternative stuff. I was early teens and lived on a skateboard so it was my lifestyle music as well. It's gets a bit repetitive but it could be worse.
  6. Smells Like Teen Spirit was released 29 year ago, today

    Agreed. I'm a fan of the Pixies, Sonic Youth, Faith No More and Nirvana's "Bleach" album. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was the beginning of the end. I've always thought Foo Fighters sucked. Fun Fact: Kathleen Hanna from Bikini Kill broke into Kurt Cobain's apartment as a prank and spray painted...
  7. Kayak recommendations

    Avid sea kayaker here. I also spent a summer working as a bottum-rung guide/instructor in a shop. Kayaks are tools just like guns, skis or bicycles and they tend to be purpose built. Your body type, fitness and intended use are all huge factors. Sit-on-top are easier to get in and out of for...
  8. africans love them skateboards

    I can confirm that a skateboard makes a decent weapon. I skated seriously for most of the 90's in Boston, Providence, Sacramento and San Francisco. It wasn't cool back then so the "jocks" would [email protected]#k with us. They thought we were pu$$ies because we didn't play traditional sports but they didn't...
  9. Ideas on removing a stuck pin.

    Bigger torch. Maybe try double-fisting with two propane or MAPP gas canisters simultaneously. Acetylene would be ideal. Try to find someone with a small/medium tank set that can be easily moved.
  10. Floor jack recommendation

    The yellow $229 Harbor Freight one is supposedly identical to a $700 Snap-on. Rumor is they use the same manufacturer. There are Youtube videos about it.
  11. How to shoot yourself in the hand with a modified handgun.

    You can see the grip come off in his left hand at the 35-36 second mark. He drops it on the floor and the then the camera pans down to it.
  12. Living in mom and dad's basement.

    Agreed. I had several friends stay at home all through college. They went to the local state school and worked 30 hours a week. After graduation they stayed at home for a couple of years to pay down student loans and get some "rainy day money" in their savings accounts.
  13. Will need to buy a new car next year, what should I look for?

    I've had great luck with my Mazda hatchbacks. Stiff-ish suspension and zippy to drive. Kind of a poor man's BMW. Good on gas and I can haul some surprisingly big objects in the hatch. I always have a roof rack for bikes and kayaks but I've also carried lumber and steel tubing for small home...
  14. The comprehensive, omnibus Mountain Bike Thread

    Replacement is the safest way to go but you can't get parts right now. At least not retail...Maybe used or new-old-stock on eBay. That bike is probably 9-speed and the industry doesn't even even make nice 9-speed parts anymore. Way back in like 2010 I had to upgrade a whole drivetrain to...
  15. More police protecting and serving

    That's hard to watch. I honestly think if it were my dog I'd just snap and go get my AR. I'd want them all dead.
  16. The comprehensive, omnibus Mountain Bike Thread

    I've broken two XTR spindles. The tips snap off so the body comes right off the spindle and leaves the pointy spindle sticking out of the crank and the body on your shoe. Both times was right at the start of a ride at the bottom of an incline so I was sitting and pedaling easy. Got lucky it...
  17. The comprehensive, omnibus Mountain Bike Thread

    Possibly. If it were me, I'd remove the spindle from the pedal body and drop it in some Kroil for a few days. I'd have to dis-assemble it anyways to avoid melting that rubber seal. Clamp the spindle in a bench vise and heat the insert to expand it. Flip it over quickly and clamp the insert in a...
  18. The comprehensive, omnibus Mountain Bike Thread

    Those old Truvativ cranks had a threaded steel sleeve in the aluminum arm. It's not supposed to come out but It came out with the pedal. Those cranks were actually designed for "freeriding" back in the day so the ISIS spindle and the arms were pretty burly. The weak points were the ISIS...
  19. The comprehensive, omnibus Mountain Bike Thread

    That old Truvativ stuff was junk. The arms usually fell off the spindle unless you used 609/641 on the spindle and 242/271 on the bolt. I've seen those inserts come out with the pedal a few times or just rip out of the carbon cranks. You're lucky they've lasted so long. Spindle is probably...
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