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  1. Name This- Wrong answers only

    iron blisterginggagglef***
  2. Ammo question: Glock 17, Glock 26, Glock 43, Ruger LC9s ... Best carry/self defense ammo ? Is there one that is best for all of em?

    Not all the guns are rated for the '+P" keep that in mind. I believe he LC9s falls into that category. The extra powder may not burn in a shorter barrel and leads to increased flash and recoil for no good purpose. Add to that the possibility of damage to the firearm. Check what the manufacturers...
  3. Need Some Prayers for Two Little Souls

    Wishing all of you the best. Hang in there. Amazing what humans can do, with help from modern healthcare. Have faith
  4. What a night....

    Good stuff. Congrats!
  5. Snake ID?

    I'm surprised he survived that trap, he doesn't look very big. I've seen them close to 3' Mean buggers for sure.
  6. Is this a carpenter ant?

    X2 for the Liquid bait
  7. Almost ready to take the new boat out!

    Outstanding! Amazing craftsmanship. Classic boat. Nice job
  8. School me on Rural Internet service

    No personal experience with it, but there are providers of satellite internet services for very rural areas where a physical connection is not possible or easy to obtain. Not cheap and not great speeds but an option for some. May be worth a Google search
  9. Manchester man, convicted of firearm trafficking to convicted felons, prohibited persons, and gang members, sentenced: 1.5 years

    possession of bump-stock will get you serious time. Trafficking guns to felons and gang members.......meh
  10. Monument Beach Sportsman Club

    Mo beach is a solid club. You need a sponsor to become a member. Sponsorship can take time, best to expect it will. They really want to get to know you. Make sure you are safe etc. Once a member you and your sponsor need to attend 5 monthly meetings and perform 12 hours of volunteer time each...
  11. Places that you used to just go shooting and nobody gave a crap.

    THIS. I used to shoot at the Moon too, in the late 70's/ early 80s. We used pack a pick up with kids and guns maybe a motorcycle and have some good fun. We had an arsenal down there once and the cops showed up because somebody called. They basically told us to be careful, just makin sure we...
  12. Franklin won't be down for his kibble

    Sorry brother. That hurts, I've been there. Find peace knowing you gave him a good life and ended suffering for him, Its the kindest thing you can do when the ending is inevitable.
  13. Bluing a receiver ?

  14. Bluing a receiver ?

    Sooooo. long story short I was trying to deal with some pitting on the receiver of my scattergun and managed to remove a great deal of the factory bluing. It's my field gun I've owned for probably 30 years. Its no safe queen and shows the scars of countless miles in the woods and fields. That's...
  15. First-World Problem Horror Stories

    The guy pumping gas into my truck this evening was really, really slow, When I went to pay him I had no choice but to roll down the window and expose my bare face and hand to the wind, rain, and cold. Brrrrr.
  16. Now Massachusetts to ban plastic straws

    x2 Plastic was the answer to preserving the trees which we needed because the planet was going experience climate change without them! JFC
  17. Info on recurve bows needed...

    Keep in mind that you can buy a riser and limbs separate. Start with 20#or with 25# limbs and work your way up to more powerful limbs for hunting. Don't limit yourself to a re-curve that you cannot swap out. I'd recommend a take down as other have. But get the right size riser. Modem risers can...
  18. What’s your deer slug gun of choice? (Ma only)

    Browning BPS with a smooth bore slug barrel. Iron sights. This gun has never jammed in 20+ years owning it. Ejects downward with is great for lefties and anyone on your right.
  19. Random Sunset

    These are a few I took over the past months on Cape. We get some really spectacular ones now and then, my phone does not do justice.
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