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  1. Counter Petition in Support of 2A and Kittery Trading Post

    The good news is that as of writing, the counter petition is outstripping the original petition even though it was started 5 days later. Common sense is prevailing (for now).
  2. Counter Petition in Support of 2A and Kittery Trading Post

    A petition has been started by some local lefties in favor of boycotting Kittery Trading Post selling AR-style rifles and High Capacity Mags. Here is the link to the article for you to read Parents boycott Kittery Trading Post over assault rifles - News - - Portsmouth, NH...
  3. Need help for a potential trade

    The Hi Power is a standard Waffenampt proofed (WaA 140) model. Blue Book value for 95% condition is $700. The one you have is even less than that.
  4. Apple - never again!

    It would help if you were coherent. Maybe that is why Apple is having trouble.
  5. People are marrying themselves.

    She can go and f*** herself [rofl]
  6. .

    Thread is a dupe of sorts - see
  7. .

  8. Husband's Intestines found in woman's luggage

    What an offal story Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Lost my baby girl on Sunday

    Words fail. Thinking of you and your family.
  10. woman freezes to death raiding clothes donation box

    No award - she had already procreated ...
  11. John Hurt Won't Be Carrying Any More Aliens

    What planet are you on?
  12. Irish Singer Sinead O'Connor: might miss pancakes

    Paddy's pregnant sister was in a terrible car accident and went into a deep coma. After being in the coma for nearly six months, she wakes up and sees that she is no longer pregnant. Frantically, she asks the doctor about her baby. The doctor replies, 'Ma'am, you had twins.... a boy and a...
  13. Meanwhile in England where guns are banned....

    Epic Fail 1. Swansea is in Wales, not England 2. This has nothing to do with Swansea, Wales. It is in Detroit, MI
  14. Crossbow Permit

    Have a look at the application for a MA crossbow permit. Clearly says you can't then use a bow for hunting
  15. Results of Amoskeag #107

    I looked at the Colt Python (lot #1) last week. Meh condition and some idiot paid over $5K for it. Blue Book value was $2.7K tops IMO.
  16. Results of Amoskeag #107

    Where did you get the buyer's premium figures from? They should be: 15% if paying by cash/check at the live auction, 17.5% for credit card 18% if paying by cash/check via internet bidding sites, 20.5% for credit card
  17. Winner winner chicken dinner, most annoying phrases.....

    "That's above my pay grade"
  18. Bear Vs. Deer In Backyard

    "Call somebody" - haha, what a wombat.
  19. So which one of you buys expensive rifle but couldn't kill the dumbest deer?

    Deer wasn't 600 yards away. Video would have been too jerky with poor depth of field and angle would most likely have been shallower, my guess is 100 yards or even less. Maybe scope, maybe open sights. Poor shooting nonetheless.
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