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  1. What happend to my green memebrship?

    I just received the notice that my renewal was due early this week. I sent the renewal payment in yesterday and today I'm already kicked off the Memebrs' Forum? What gives?
  2. Home Depot Gives Discounts to Vets?....not so fast

    Just a rant. I saw it posted on NES somewhere that Home Depot gives veterans a 10% discount. Just renewed my driver's license this summer, provided proof of honorable discharge (with DD214) when I renewed to get "Veteran" designation on my MA DL. It was nice when I used it this summer...
  3. Aquiila .22LR ammo

    Has anyone had experience with Aquila .22LR ammo from the CMP? They advertise two types. Both are SV. One is 1135fps and the other 1200fps. I shoot bullseye and, like all of us, I'm looking to keep my ammo costs down. I've seen good and bad coments on this 40gr SV ammo with regard to...
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