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  1. New Sound Reducing Tech

    3D PRINTED NOISE BARRIER BLOCKS 94% OF ALL SOUND PASSING THROUGH AN OPEN TUBE 3D printed noise barrier blocks 94% of all sound passing through an open tube- Technology News, Firstpost Oh really. Hmm...I need a 3d printer
  2. Recall - Walther PPS M2

    This is from November it looks like but I searched and didn't find anything. I also just found out about this the other day. Sent mine off to get fixed today. Recalls - Walther Arms
  3. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    2 months, 18 days Brewster
  4. Browning Buck Mark - Welcome to a new member of the "family"...

    Congratulations. I have one too and love it. Very accurate, sweet trigger and a blast to shoot. Have fun!
  5. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    2 months out from my renewal. Called the hotline to check the status, still sitting at the local PD, after they talked about how they send it off fast and its the state that is slow. Wtf
  6. Cat fight! I don't know what suprised me more...the location or the participants?

    Ha. I went to middle school in Colorado and this used to happen on a weekly basis with the Hispanic girls. Except they were good looking and would rip each others shirts off :)
  7. (Another), want to buy a Jeep thread

    Thats low for a decent Jeep. Anything in that range is going to be high mileage and probably stock. My 2004 TJ that came with 82k miles was $10,500. Bought from private seller, it was in beautiful condition. All the dealers I looked at wanted to sell me similarly priced jeeps that were rusted...
  8. Cold Brewers...What’s your method or machine?

    Been using Filtron for many years also, so has my Dad. Works great, very simple to use and cleans up easily. Filter is easy to clean. You soak it in water and squeeze it out to rinse out the coffee and then put it in its little container. You do need to replace the pad filters eventually, but...
  9. Law regarding pedestrians in crosswalk

    Bike riders in the summer. Some of these idiots think they have the right of way no matter what, everywhere, and you can somehow not only read their mind to know that they are about to cut in front of you but that it is OK for them to do so. I almost rolled over some idiot a few years ago when...
  10. CRKT Shout Out

    Love mine too. I have a brand new spare of my current EDC sitting in a drawer for the day it needs to be replaced.
  11. Avast or AVG, either worth using?

    AVG and Avast used to be good and some of the best and only decent antivirus around. Unfortunately they are both bloatware pos now and not worth using. I personally run Panda antivirus free version and Malwarebytes free version on my desktop and laptop (win 7 and win 10 respectively). They work...
  12. Who has an arch-enemy at work?

    I used to work for a company that is national, drives big yellow trucks and cuts down trees. Its also run by incompetent morons that make way too much money (at least in the region I worked in). They had it setup so that a salesman would go sell work in a certain area and you would go do the...
  13. Officer shot in the MIlls

    Scumbag was arraigned today according to local radio. Hopefully he is falling up or down some stairs right now. The dog pulled through, is out of surgery and is recovering. :emoji_thumbsup: I never dealt with the guy directly but he seemed like a decent dude. My wife and some other people I know...
  14. Piss test for ambian

    My wife takes Ambien, seems to work well for her and she doesn't have to pee for it. Only weird Ambien things she ever did was eat cookies in the middle of the night or wake me up for sexy time if she had a drink or two (Awesome side effect [smile]). Now she only takes a half to a quarter of a...
  15. first gun purchase experience was ruined by the delay.....:(

    I get delayed every single time, it sucks. I now know to plan around the fact that I will get delayed and have to wait :( I keep telling myself to get the upin, I just haven't done it yet. May or not even work. I have a fairly common name
  16. Grandpa's Corner

    No special story, but just some cool old knives and the fancy metal box that belonged to my grandfather that my dad gave me when I was a kid. They were my first pocket knives that I used and carried around (as you can see I was a little rough on that buck knife, damn kids!). I remember grandpa...
  17. Axes & Hatchets

    I keep a SOG tomahawk and a set of throwing knives in my truck for some throwing fun. I suck at throwing the axe but i'm decent at the knives. One of my buddies has the same tomahawk and hes pretty good with it! Plywood or a big ass piece of spruce or other softwood makes a nice target for...
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