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  1. Pistol Sights for Competition NEED ADVICE

    Hey guys, thanks for the help. Looking online is tough to buy new sights. I'm looking at a black, U-notch rear that doesn't take up a lot of sight picture. For instance, i tried the Dawson, very nice, tight rear notch, but i dont like how they are big and square and take up alot of sight...
  2. M&P 9mm Full Size AND Shield? Or one 9c and invest elsewhere..... advice

    Title says it. Got my LTC about 3 months ago and bought my shield and full size 9 immediately. Thinking about re-allocating those dollars and buying a 9c to do both jobs of carry and HD. Then buy something else.... Anyone done this? I dont want to start another shield vs 9C thread. But has...
  3. POLL: Buying and Selling after 7/20 AWB

    Of course there is no actual answer here, many have done it, buyers and seller, many do not understand the law, the more it happens the harder it will be to control or enforce similar to the sales on 7/20. So please answer this poll with honesty to help the rest of us makes decision on our own.
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