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  1. Shipping?

    Hi guys, I know certain companies that will ship to MA, but my question the packaging discrete or does the return address scream lawbreaker. I don't need a federal postal inspector or the PD knocking on my door holding a heavy box. Thanks for your help.
  2. Police shoot dog, justified?

    I'd shoot it. Sorry, but i've been bit before and it's not something I want to re-live.
  3. Gun Owner Points LC9 at Police

    But if you refuse, you automatically have a license suspension. Either way your screwed. Hopefully this guy gets screwed too. Can't stand guys that think it's cool to beat up women. F--cking tough guy huh??
  4. Primers comparable?

    This is what I thought. One can never be too sure. Thanks guys.
  5. Primers comparable?

    No one seems to have any Winchester Small Pistol primers in stock, which is what I normally use. I was wondering if CCI small pistol primers are comparable to substitute. I have been told they will be okay as long as I am not at max powder charge. Thanks for everyone's input.
  6. Pushing to ban the use of lead ammunition

    I thought a federal judge threw this out a few weeks ago? Obama and his administration are just as bad as Michael Bloomberg. Can't believe we have 2 1/2 more years of this Douche!!!
  7. where S&W get the bad rep from

    My dept. has 100 M&P 40's that we use for qualification only. These guns take serious abuse and have never had any issues. We purchased them in 2006, so I'm not sure if the quality has declined since. I personally own an M&P 45 and love it.
  8. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    Anyone know the phone number for FRB? Applied in February and still no LTC.?
  9. Transferring Glock and XDM from CA to MA question

    I have a gen4 g23 and I love it, but I can't understand why people would pay $900 or $1000 for a gen4. M&P is just as good for half that. Just my 2 cents.
  10. ed markey ads

    And yet guess what....he'll get elected.
  11. Bombers are Chechens

    Hmmm, wondering if they were receiving "free in-state tuition" for their "engineering" degree. Great Job Deville!!!
  12. 4 year old kid shoots a 6 year old in the head

    Unreal!!! Let's give them more reasons to take our rights. 1 more reason for sterilization.
  13. Obama targets large IRA's

    I've seen a lot of second term recklessness , but this guy takes the cake!!
  14. Thinking about moving to Maine

    48th lowest income levels in the US. 48th highest in taxes. I never had to pay taxes at the end of the year until I moved to Maine. PLUS.... Maine residents hate "outta-staters,". Especially from Massachusetts!!! Move to Vermont.
  15. Progress on new MA legislation?

    The longer the better I guess. I just hate the uncertanty.
  16. Progress on new MA legislation?

    Anyone know where we stand on Du-Bag Linsky's bill or any of the others? I'm wondering if the 7rd thing will go any further because of all the damage control that New York is doing. I know they are in committee but will we find out when the voting will take place? Sick to my stomach over...
  17. CT to grandfather mags...kind of

    "The most dangerous part of an assault weapon is the magazine." How about the du-bag pulling the trigger? Can't stand ignorant politicians.
  18. Monsanto Protection Act

    Funny thing is that cigarette companies get scolded and have to pay for anti-smoking PSA's, but the whole GMO issue is far worse IMO. (I'm not a smoker) The almighty dollar and greed are ruining a great country.
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