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  1. TriStar shotguns

    Looking for a store in Mass or NH that has TriStar g2 viper shotguns on hand. Would like to be able to shoulder before buying Thanks
  2. Everett, MA ltc application

    My fiancé is applying for her first ltc in everett. The office told her she needs to get 2 letters of reference and write a letter ony why she needs the ltc. The 2 letters of reference are not a problem, but the office told her that all lawful purposes os not a valid reason for her wanting a...
  3. Went to purchase my first gun and got delayed.

    Just went to purchase my first gun today and got delayed. Was told that it happens about 5 times a day in the shop. My issues date on my ltc was the beginning of the month. Anything i should be worried about?
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