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  1. Busted by my daughter!

    Few weeks ago I went on a group hike up in the Lakes of the ladies came over and gave me a pretty good hug, her hand found my pistol. I just looked at her and said "Yup, Im just glad to see ya" . On another note I was at Hampton Beach last week and saw a guy Oc'ing.... ONe person...
  2. Maryland Police Hassle Unarmed Florida Tourist because he had CCW Permit

    How does Maryland KNOW he owns a gun? Atf is expressly prohibited from keeping a registry....are they sharing information with states theyre not supposed to even have?
  3. .50 BMG gatling gun OMFG

    I need a tissue and a minute to collect myself [wink]
  4. How to easily and safely get rid of your firearms for a certain time period

    GET RID OF THEM BEFORE (without her knowing) there is even a hint the courts are involved, once theyre involved its "community prpoerty and your screwed or worse she gets a RO served on him . Nothing like seeing your wife claim you threatened her with a gun that you can prove you didnt...
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