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  1. '17 NH Constitutional Carry, SB12 is law & U can carry if U can own, including MA res

    so in short this means that if i can CC carry in MA I can also CC in nh without having to apply for the NH license? Thansk
  2. I have a M&P 9c but also have an itch to add a M&P full size or Shield

    Pro CORE is awesome perfect compliment same mags. Even the pro is nice. Or buy the 5" 2.0. M&P is the way to go
  3. EDC What's your go to ?

    Shield 9 everyday. Nights. Apex. Pierce. Talons. Magguts. Vedder holster. Light and comfortable
  4. Pistol Sights for Competition NEED ADVICE

    Thanks great info. I definitely aim off of the FO and adjust accordingly. Didn't think about the extra. Thank you. I shoot mostly steel 10yrdsish
  5. Pistol Sights for Competition NEED ADVICE

    what sizes does everyone run? this is the email i sent to dawson precision this AM Looking for competition sights for my Smith M&P 9mm full size. I want to find blacked out rear sights with a thin notch and a thin front fiber optic sight for precision and the least amount of target...
  6. Pistol Sights for Competition NEED ADVICE

    Hey guys, thanks for the help. Looking online is tough to buy new sights. I'm looking at a black, U-notch rear that doesn't take up a lot of sight picture. For instance, i tried the Dawson, very nice, tight rear notch, but i dont like how they are big and square and take up alot of sight...
  7. Best Value in Used Pistol

    M&P 9MM
  8. M&P 9mm Full Size AND Shield? Or one 9c and invest elsewhere..... advice

    Thank you!! I actually have the shield and really do like it. Just figured I have 2 things doing the job of one and could buy something different. But great info and nice shield!
  9. My first 3Gun match

    Where was it? Anymore coming up anywhere?
  10. M&P 9mm Full Size AND Shield? Or one 9c and invest elsewhere..... advice

    exactly what im thinking thank you
  11. M&P 9mm Full Size AND Shield? Or one 9c and invest elsewhere..... advice

    just what I was looking for thank you.
  12. Identify this muzzle device and handguard

    i have the Fortis Blast Shield and like it alot. Very easy on off, good for range, and god forbid HD. but its a great look. Get the barrel and handguard length and width right and it will fit right inside nicely. Also, it is not threaded which complies with MA
  13. M&P 9mm Full Size AND Shield? Or one 9c and invest elsewhere..... advice

    Title says it. Got my LTC about 3 months ago and bought my shield and full size 9 immediately. Thinking about re-allocating those dollars and buying a 9c to do both jobs of carry and HD. Then buy something else.... Anyone done this? I dont want to start another shield vs 9C thread. But has...
  14. No Space Bar functionality?

    if you reply above the quote it will work
  15. Blazer Brass 9mm Failures to feed

    ive actually had 7 failure to feeds in my M&P9 and 9L. all from the same box, 2 where the bullet was actually ripped out of case either on the way in or out but had to remove from chamber, I also had failure to feeds on a few others that were maybe oversize, I would call them warped, but im...
  16. CANCELLED!!!! Woburn Action Shooters October 15th USPSA Style Match

    couple q's: newbies welcome? do you have to be a member of the club? which class to select if never participated? i google the rest, thanks!
  17. Healey "On the Record" (WCVB - 9/18)

    +1 on the cliff notes
  18. Whatever happened to Mr., Mrs., and Ms.?

    the millennial age is an age of comfort and specialty, as well as acceptance. Using first names is personal, but shows caring, i teach all my sales teams this. Also, Ma'am is gone, dead, in no scenario at least here in new england is this acceptable. It refers to "old" and no one wants to be...
  19. POLL: Buying and Selling after 7/20 AWB

    ugh really? well someone else set it up.... ive been trying to find out if I can purchase after 7/20. I just recently received my LTC and didnt get the chance to purchased prior. ban literally happened while I was waiting for it..... and my first move as a gun owner is not going to be a jail...
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