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  1. Shipping?

    Hi guys, I know certain companies that will ship to MA, but my question the packaging discrete or does the return address scream lawbreaker. I don't need a federal postal inspector or the PD knocking on my door holding a heavy box. Thanks for your help.
  2. Primers comparable?

    No one seems to have any Winchester Small Pistol primers in stock, which is what I normally use. I was wondering if CCI small pistol primers are comparable to substitute. I have been told they will be okay as long as I am not at max powder charge. Thanks for everyone's input.
  3. Progress on new MA legislation?

    Anyone know where we stand on Du-Bag Linsky's bill or any of the others? I'm wondering if the 7rd thing will go any further because of all the damage control that New York is doing. I know they are in committee but will we find out when the voting will take place? Sick to my stomach over...
  4. Gun control hearings on cspan.

    Frankenstein talking about OUTPOURING of support she has for these bills. Blah, blah blah!!!!
  5. Anyone call the media?

    Think we should drum up some media coverage about the rally? Call your local news station on your way to Boston! Let's make a difference!!!
  6. Best reloading manual?

    Haven't started reloading yet. Thinking of taking EC's class on June 9th, but prior to this, I was hoping to read a reloading manual. I would be loading mostly .223, but everywhere I look for a good manual, people either love it or hate it. Comments like "not enough data" or "just an...
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