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  1. Refinishing my aluminum wheels

    This past summer I refinished some aluminum wheels for my truck. I tried the chemical method of stripping the clear coat but nothing seemed to do it. Truth be told I started with a wire wheel. Then moved to 60 grit sandpaper and continued on up to 1000 grit wetsanding. I was fairly happy...
  2. Suggestions on Places with Decent Shotgun Inventory? (For Trap)

    Another vote for Kittery Trading Post in ME. Tons of used inventory. Plus they have an online inventory so you know what they have before you go!
  3. The 2014-2015 Bruins Megathread

    If that's hooking.....Tuukka was definitely interfered with.
  4. The 2014-2015 Bruins Megathread

    Or maybe call Kessler for holding Bergy's stick so he can't get back into the play? - - - Updated - - - I've seen much much less contact called goalie interference.
  5. Anyone Like Lifted Trucks?

    Well...No luck rolling the dice today. Another shop said no before I even got into the bay. Yes, I tried to explain the formula and they weren't having any of that.
  6. Anyone Like Lifted Trucks?

    Thanks! It was a tough job. It was the first time we ever tried to pull off a project this big. I thought swapping the tranny in my 85 Corvette was a job. That's now seeming like peanuts compared to a frame off haha. I'll probably just roll the dice somewhere on my way home from work...
  7. Anyone Like Lifted Trucks?

    Thanks for the input so far everyone. I really don't want to get the state or inspection station inspector involved. Call me paranoid but I feel they will just look for some other nonsense to fail me on. I'd rather sneak under the radar than make waves and end up on some sniper secret...
  8. Anyone Like Lifted Trucks?

    Every shop I go to, Western MA, tells me its 2" max. I agree with you on the posting names part though, that's what they invented PM's for right [smile]
  9. Anyone Like Lifted Trucks?

    Thanks for the link Chet! That'll be some informative reading for next time!!!
  10. Anyone Like Lifted Trucks?

    Care to PM me your inspection station of choice?
  11. Anyone Like Lifted Trucks?

  12. Anyone Like Lifted Trucks?

    So Chet, it sounds like you work at / own an inspection station? If I'm correct in my assumption do you judge altered vehicle height on a 4x4 by the 2" max or by the formula explained in 540 CMR 6.00? I ask because the way I read the law I would be allowed 4" of lift by my calculations using...
  13. Anyone Like Lifted Trucks?

    Wow. Seems like there are bigger fish to fry in my opinion.
  14. Anyone Like Lifted Trucks?

    It was only a matter of time [rofl] - - - Updated - - - If anyone has an in feel free to PM me if you don't want to publicly name names!
  15. Anyone Like Lifted Trucks?

    Hmm...I didn't know they did inspections. I'll have to give them a call! - - - Updated - - - Thanks mattyw. I failed for tint on a truck I used to have. They got me for something like 1% past the limit. Gotta love Mass.
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