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  1. Thanks, Ochmude

    Incorrect. I am an essential employee. I will not continue to get paid in a timely manner. I am not, however, complaining. I have a 6-month emergency fund saved up, and it's very likely that Congress will approve backpay once the shutdown is over, albeit technically not a guarantee.
  2. Immigration Overhaul: Traitorous or Genius?

    The wall would slow down and channelize illegal crossings, most likely. But the situation right now is practically like it was with the "feet dry" era with Cubans. They just have to get onto U.S. soil and they're essentially free. The one definite plus of the wall that I must admit I hadn't...
  3. Immigration Overhaul: Traitorous or Genius?

    Deportation to any particular country requires the consent of the receiving country. When someone is deported to Mexico, from the Mexican perspective that individual is being admitted into their country just like anyone else passing through the port of entry. Mexico can deny admission as is...
  4. Immigration Overhaul: Traitorous or Genius?

    Policy change is required to actually deport people from countries other than Mexico. Mexicans apprehended at the border are deported same as always because it's logistically simple to do so. You drive them to the station, process them, and drive them back to the nearest border crossing to be...
  5. Immigration Overhaul: Traitorous or Genius?

    Unfortunately, this is true. "The Wall" has become symbolic, regardless of the actual value it would contribute to immigration enforcement and border security.
  6. Immigration Overhaul: Traitorous or Genius?

    I've never heard that before. Do you have a source?
  7. Immigration Overhaul: Traitorous or Genius?

    The wall is completely unnecessary and would be nothing more than a colossal waste of money.
  8. Gilford (NH) Police Now Allowed To Carry Their Own Rifles On Duty

    I'd love to be able to carry my own rifle at work. The rifle I checked out for quarterly qualifications a couple weeks ago looked like it hadn't been cleaned in...well...ever. And whoever zeroed it last was cross-eyed or possibly blind.
  9. Doctors Asking "Do you feel safe at home?"

    Every time we take illegals to the ED, the nurses always ask that same question. They also ask if the patient has had any recent travel outside of the country. Mind you, the patients are illegals aliens in handcuffs that just entered the U.S. as little as an hour prior.
  10. Fly to Tucson, or Phoenix and drive?

    Drive it, it's a straight shot and really easy. Since moving to Arizona I've found that long distance driving is just different here, less stressful and easier to deal with. I used to live in Chicopee and drilled in Reading with MAARNG. I loathed that drive. Here in AZ, I've literally driven...
  11. Tell me about .38 Super

    Yup, it's very popular in Mexico. The only time I have personally ever seen someone actually carrying .38 super was a Mexican dude escorting a dope load across the border.
  12. Firefighter axed for bringing watermelon to station

    I'm black and I can't stand watermelon. I will f***ing DESTROY some yard bird with absolutely zero shame, however.
  13. Un-Popular or not: 40S&W vs 357 Sig

    I recently discovered Florida Highway Patrol carries Glock 37's. Kinda blew my mind.
  14. Cross country road trip

    If they're willing to take a scenic route between Temecula and San Diego, I'd definitely recommend a stop in Julian for rather epic pie.
  15. U.S. Air Marshal Left Loaded Gun in an Airplane Bathroom

    Or a Glock or HK. I think ICE might still authorize j-frames as a BUG, so even that could be possible.
  16. Today is April 20th. (04-20)

    The one record the Obama Administration most certainly broke was having the largest number of "deported" people living in the United States. The deportation stat is counted when the individual is served with the Order of Removal. If that person then gets released at the bus station, they are...
  17. U.S. Border Patrol Can Now Make Arrests In Coos County

    What's ironic is the description on the ACLU's website is actually fairly accurate with regard to the legal meaning of the 100-mile zone. All it means is that the Border Patrol can establish immigration inspection vehicle checkpoints within 100 miles of the boundaries of the United States...
  18. U.S. Border Patrol Can Now Make Arrests In Coos County

    That "100 Mile Border Zone" image is severely misunderstood. This map is the current representation of the coverage of BP's authority.
  19. Question for the MA Auto Inspection guys and off duty cops

    [laugh] The blood is absolutely flowing through the streets. Purely from an anecdotal perspective, there do seem to be a lot more effed up vehicles on the roads here. I can say that I see at least two cars driving with a headlight out every single day. There's one van, a Windstar, I've been...
  20. Question for the MA Auto Inspection guys and off duty cops

    Well, I mean I did move out of Mass about two weeks after I got that sticker. We don't have any sort of inspections here, so I don't think the police care about an expired sticker from the other side of the continent. I still glance at it from time to time in the middle of the summer when it's...
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