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  1. Erik Wallin for RI AG

    I get the feeling there arent too many RI'ers on these boards lol
  2. Forum issues

    How long have you been experiencing this issue? Its been a week, I assume its gone on longer.
  3. Forum issues

    So, I joined CRALRI and recieved the confirmation email but when I went to register for the forums, the link to accept the terms is dead, not allowing me to proceed with registration. I tried emailing the administrator but the Emails were returned. The site is operating, as I can see others...
  4. Lost in a sea of Bourbon and loving it....

    Knob Creek when relaxing with friends. Jack Daniels when Im out having a couple and Jim Beam when Ive already given someone else my keys lol Ive tried most of whats on the selves for bourbon and I must say, I havent found one without something to appreciate about it. After Knob Creek Id say...
  5. Im green suckas!

    I figured, how can I proclaim to be progun if I wont spend 21 bucks to support an great community like this to advance our cause! Oh and, I wanna with the M&P ha![rofl]
  6. Erik Wallin for RI AG

    Hi Folks, This is my first post, I saw the "contact your politician" section but this seemed more likely to been seen and its more of a "Make this guy your politician" post lol I saw or a thread about AG candidates in RI. Erik Wallin was briefly discussed and there was some...
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