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  1. Illegals voting in at least 12 states and D.C.

    Photo ID, no early voting (some day only), change voting day to Friday (and make it a holiday), and everyone gets ink on their finger to show that they voted (can't vote twice).
  2. English Language Is Weird

    Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
  3. State Reps and Senators' letter to the AG

    Yes. House Bill 4121 of 2014 was a petition of McMurtry. One little letter about their "strong concerns" changes nothing.
  4. Trump - we need to stop people on no fly list from buying guns

    Wait... There is the name of a person on the list. Is that person, and only that person kept from flying? Or are all people with that name kept from flying?
  5. New England Patriots 2015-2016 Megathread

    Einhorn is Finkle! LACES OUT!
  6. Hillary Clinton got "schlonged"?

    Are you suggesting Webb Hubble was crooked?
  7. Gun belt recommendations

    I have about 6 years of everyday use on my comp-tac kydex reinforced belt and it still looks nearly new. The kydex reinforcement works great.
  8. Worcester Armory

    He rapes a child under 14 three times, and he's not in prison? What's wrong with this state? Wait, what does one have to do to go to prison in this state?
  9. More dumb comments from anti's on Facebook

    I challenge you to turn her into a defender of the second amendment. Stop letting it upset you. Stop replying to her points, and letting her control the language. Tell her why self-defense is important to you. Use imagery that she can see in her own head. She'll likely call you paranoid...
  10. More LED fun

    Be aware that the prices on LED strips are all over the place, most of what's out there is a ripoff imho. I have not found any strips in any local store that are anywhere near reasonable. You can do a little bit better pricewise from Ebay or AliExpress, but if you prefer Amazon, here's about the...
  11. Cars' keyless ignitions called 'deadly' in lawsuit

    I don't get mad if some idiots bring a frivolous lawsuit. It's the judge who must not be an idiot. And the elected officials who appoint them. And the people who elect the... oh no... Anyone else have the fobs with the overly sensitive buttons? I've gone out to my car to find it with the...
  12. Cars' keyless ignitions called 'deadly' in lawsuit

    Lock them in the garage.
  13. Suspected active shooter investigation involving news crew

    And age-ist. If that's a thing...
  14. Suspected active shooter investigation involving news crew

    I generally agree, but people respond emotionally to visual input more strongly than reading or hearing about something. Not saying you're point is wrong, just that it wouldn't surprise me if something like this could push their agenda along, and is why we need to be prepared. Because of the...
  15. Suspected active shooter investigation involving news crew

    First person view still up here (for now):
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