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  1. If The Election Results Didn't Scare You Enough.....

    Guess who just got her drivers license [wink] Muahahahaha Sooo now, here's the question.... Which one of my NES aunts or uncles is gonna set me up with my first car?? VW Bug would be PERFECT :) But I'm open to all suggestions! What ya got for me friends?
  2. Irony? **GOT IT***

    Well I know this, you know this, and our fellow NESers know this. But in the eyes of the majority of our government and those citizens who "drink the Kool-aid" see it as the other way around.
  3. Irony? **GOT IT***

    Wait... Is that legitimate??
  4. Irony? **GOT IT***

    Today I turned 16 and went to the RMV to get my permit. I finally was called up to the desk and gave them an ID to validate my DOB. Ofcourse, I just HAD to use my FID[smile] The lady then says, we dont accept those. "Well according to your website you do." You must be mistaken, we can't...
  5. What was your First Job?

    my First ever job was being an NRA apprentice instructor teaching rifle pistol shotgun and homefirearm safety!!!!!!!!!!! thats good stuff!
  6. Wait...WHAT!?

    i gues it really all depends on which side had chuck norris fighting with them <snicker> [laugh2] my lame attempt at a joke :P
  7. Wait...WHAT!?

    true dat!
  8. Wait...WHAT!?

    not sure, havnt met her officially but i hope she is...cuz thats about the only thing she'll have going for her hahaha[rofl]
  9. Wait...WHAT!?

    girls like that make me ashamed to be one myself -_- haha
  10. Wait...WHAT!?

    i havnt given up on my generation yet. i believe there is still hope:) Im a chairman for youth activities at a gun club and run a youth shoot every summer for marksmanship. from there i encourage them to do Appleseed:) Its all part of the plan to try to wake up my generation.
  11. Wait...WHAT!?

    HAHAHAHAHA! will do!
  12. AbbyOakley

    hey there Rick, (hehe i called u rick:P) just fyi,under ur tab "About Me" you forgot to write...

    hey there Rick, (hehe i called u rick:P) just fyi,under ur tab "About Me" you forgot to write worlds most amazing dad <3 [smile] hehe
  13. Wait...WHAT!?

    exactly what i was thinking haha! in our school there is no prerequisite for AP other than getting at least a B- in history the year prior .... how she also did that, i will never understand
  14. Wait...WHAT!?

    [rofl] As you should have! haha
  15. Wait...WHAT!?

    Have you ever had some one ask you a question that left you so dumb founded that mid question you had to stop to see if you heard them right? It usually sounds like a "Wo Wo Wo Wait! Are you SERIOUS!?" or a "-_- Really? You're joking right?" It amazes me how dumb some people can be...
  16. I Lost the 1919 to my Brother

    haha well this thread got interesting fast [laugh] i was gonna reply sooner but got lost in my studies, i got midterms this week -_- well anyway, keep the ideas coming! thamx for the help everyone :)
  17. I Lost the 1919 to my Brother

    i actually did quite well on that test:) lol but also lets keep in mind the price of ammo lol puppy eyes dont work so well when asking for ammo for the .50 haha sooooo as much as i would LOVE to have the .50 it just cant happen any time soon lol but like i said, im not picky hahaha if it goes...
  18. I Lost the 1919 to my Brother

    So my dad scouter-rick finally got himself a toy this Christmas and it was the 1919. Every time my dad gets a new gun, me and my brother fight for "dibs". Which pretty much means " that gun is mine when dad passes on" lol [smile] In order to call dibs: 1.) My dad, brother, and I have to...
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