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  1. Winter car storage

    Go to a local over 55 condo complex and ask around or post a note inquiring if anyone is driving south this winter, rent their garage?
  2. 2013 F150 Rear Brake Rotor Removal - Thanks its off.

    Does this help? View:
  3. Help with a 2006 Audi A4

    Owned a 2014 Vette for 3 years, amazing car. All time favorite that I will probably buy again, Honda S2000
  4. School me on Tankless water heaters

    Consider an electric water heat pump. Rebates of $750 towards installation from NatGrid, very efficient, dehumidifies basement in the summer time.
  5. Taking a car off the road?

    The excise tax will continue until you dispose of the vehicle I stand corrected (named pipes, edmxz2002) but believe it or not "they" expect you pay property taxes on it
  6. Recommend me a new Credit Card

    If your a GM guy/gall you can get 5% back towards any GM vehicle with a GM CC, negotiate your best deal, show them the card and get a additional cash off (different models have different limits)
  7. A question for those who know vintage (?) watches

    Anything like this? FAVRE LEUBA Deep Blue 200m Vintage diver EXTREME RARE | eBay
  8. Crypto currency discussion

    After a long time watching Bitcoin I have one major concern, you really can't buy much of anything with it.
  9. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    5. You don't know who Santa is
  10. Colonoscopy Megathread (other procedures accepted!)

    I was told by my Primary care Dr. that colon cancer is the only cancer they can catch and cure 100% (if found in the early stages)
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