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  1. Anyone still boycotting the NFL?

    Yes no NFL this season for me. The only Pro Sports I have watched since they started up was the NASCAR Daytona road course race

    Saw at least 25 National Guard trucks going over the Bourne Bridge to Joint Base Cape Cod. Honestly kinda normal as they are there quite a bit.
  3. Want to buy manual transmission sports car before they're gone

    It has 4 modes. Quiet, Normal, Sport, Track with each one a bit louder. When rolling into the throttle it's darn good in Sport, or Track. Just select the one you want. It also has a configurable quiet mode that allows you to set a time so it wil only start in quiet. Say you go to work at 3:15AM...
  4. parking ticket vultures,,,, a rant

    I was there two weeks ago. It had been a very long time since my last visit. Definitely enjoyed my couple hours there. No ticket lol.
  5. Want to buy manual transmission sports car before they're gone

    Mustang GT 6 speed manual 460 HP 420 TQ. Mine has the Active Valve Exhaust to change how loud it it. It's a 19 sticker was around $46k, paid $40k.
  6. Cape Cod Flyover...

    . The following sites could have been used for an ECAL:[22] Miami International Airport, Miami, Florida; Plattsburgh International Airport, Plattsburgh, New York, Francis S. Gabreski Airport, Westhampton Beach, New York; Atlantic City International Airport, New Jersey; Myrtle Beach International...
  7. Cape Cod Flyover...

    Joint Base CC was also an emergency landing location for certain Space Shuttle flights when it was flying.
  8. Cape Cod Flyover...

    I work in Pocasset very close to Joint Bade Cape Cod. Watched the Big Boy go right over our parking lot. Then a bit later was making a delivery in E. Falmouth and pulled over to watch it go over. .
  9. Anyone else notice an increase in traffic cops/citations?

    Their always out in Bourne. Local & MSP. Everyone who is driving to the Cape has to pass through Bourne.
  10. Stealership logic

    Code is P0456. 2.5 4 cylinder
  11. Stealership logic

    Small, and there is no gas cap on a 2017 Escape. You just plug the nozzle in an a flap opens.
  12. Stealership logic

    I have a check engine light on my 17 Escape that's out of warranty by 6 months. Read the code and it's an evap system leak. Went to a local reputable mechanic who I deliver parts too and he said since it's a 2017 he can't do the repair, has be done by a Ford dealer. If it was a couple years...
  13. Mayflower II Docked at MMA Saturday

    The Mayflower II docked at MMA today before going through the Canal up to Plymouth
  14. Tropical Storm Isaias

    Branch snapped off a tree in my front lawn around 5:30PM and got hung up on the wires. Branch was not rotted. Powered never flickered, and another big gust knocked it off around 6.
  15. Weather Girl Scissor Fight : Shiri Spear vs The World

    That means 5 more years of me waking up early to view the Enhancements.
  16. DUNKIN’ DONUTS permanently closing 800 locations across the U.S.

    Went to Cape Cod Donuts on Rt 6A in Sandwich Sunday AM. Two hand cut blueberry donuts that were cooked while I wated, not a bad start to the day.
  17. What are some humorous vanity plates you've seen or have?

    Sunday morning Buzzards Bay railroad bridge parking lot. Dodge Ram truck
  18. DUNKIN’ DONUTS permanently closing 800 locations across the U.S.

    I heard that about that at a store in Middleborough. However in BBay and Monument beach you still fix your own. Must be a local Board of Health reg.
  19. Happy Birthday Minininjer Megathread

    A day early Happy Birthday Cindy.🍻
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