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  1. HUGE Riots all over the USA/Other places too. Mr. Floyd is forgotten now. Rioting/Looting/Antifa-Anarchy/Soros & Co. MEGATHREAD!!!

    Ummm really? If we classify CNN as an enemy of the people, then FOX is JUST as culpable. Fox is a f***ing joke.
  2. WTS HK USP9c with leather IWB holster

    Selling my very clean, taken care of HK USP 9 compact. Comes with maxx carry leather holster for IWB. Also comes with 2 10 rounders and all original paperwork and tupperware. I am looking for 700 flat for a nice quick easy sale. I will comply with all federal and state laws. You must be able...
  3. WTT HK USP9c

    Looking to trade a HK USP9c I just acquired for a MA legal AR pistol. I can add some cash as well. Comes with all tupperware and documentation. Thanks.
  4. WTB MP5 Preban 30 Round Magazines

    Looking for 30 round preban MP5 magazines, thanks.
  5. WTB Surefire or Streamlight or Nice Flashlight

    Looking for a nice flashlight to mount on my rail. Thanks!
  6. WTB EOTech XPS2

    Looking to buy an EOTech XPS2, thanks.
  7. WTB Original HK MP5/SP89 Hard Case

    Looking to buy an original MP5 case. Willing to spend a few hundred. thanks!
  8. WTB Colt Pre Ban AR

    Looking for a Colt Pre Ban AR. Have cash ready in hand. Thanks.
  9. Have people seen any Winchester 1897s around?

    I've seen them in the Curios and Relics section for like 600-1000. Fully working.
  10. Have people seen any Winchester 1897s around?

    any model that goes boom baby
  11. Have people seen any Winchester 1897s around?

    Looking to purchase one, was wondering if there are many around in decent shape.
  12. WTB Winchester Model 1897 Shotgun

    As title states, thanks. PM with pics and price!
  13. WTB DP12 Shotgun

    Like title states, thanks.
  14. I love Maine!

    This isn't the type of thing that should be celebrated...
  15. Trijicon MRO Experiences?

    Hi folks, Anyone have experience with the Trijicon MRO? Looking for straight honest accounts from those who have shot with it. Thanks!
  16. Airsoft Question

    So I'm thinking of putting my Schmidt and Bender PMII scope on my electronic airsoft M4 by Tokyo Marui. WILL I NOW be able to hit targets at 1000 yards?
  17. AR Pistol?

    That’s some Class A bullshit lol damn! Thanks.
  18. AR Pistol?

    I have been looking everywhere and can’t seem to figure it out - is an AR PISTOL legal here? thanks.
  19. What are you doing, GunBroker sellers?

    With much consideration, I've now decided to yield to your arguments, as they do make a lot of sense! *white flag*

    Much like if I got a call from a Trump line, I’d wanna bash my face in with a hammer.
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