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  1. Natick Mall Cell Phone Repair Kiosk?

    Not sure where your located, but I have used Cheever industries in Ashland. They are awesome
  2. Alright Ma**h***s, who are you voting for?

    I’ll out myself, I was the one vote for Joe. My reasoning was, either him or Markey are going to win. If Joe wins, he have less seniority in the Senate. That said, I still have my bumper sticker that says “ My gun killed less people than Ted’s car”
  3. Is Harvard's 300 yard range really 300 yards????

    Get the app in the last Bob Lee Swagger novel, you’ll be good to go.
  4. Bloomberg $10 Million Anti-Gun Super Bowl Ad

    I reported it as offensive, haven’t seen one since.
  5. Mass Superior Court judge arrested on domestic charges - LTC suspended

    Frison was nominated to the Superior Court bench by former Gov. Deval Patrick in 2012, All that needs to be said, guilty on both counts
  6. Vietnam

    Sounds like a lot of you served there. From someone who appreciates what your government made you go through, thank you for your service.
  7. Concrete foundation contractor

    Rheal Dubrule is out by you, I think his son Mark took over for him
  8. Who is your favorite Cowboy?

  9. Hopkinton chief pulls 3 officers' LTCs

    On that date, a Mass. State troopers (from Hopkinton) son used his service weapon to kill himself. Maybe they were the ones to respond to that, and knew the kid.
  10. Stormy Daniels "Busted"

    Coming to the Northeast in September
  11. 40 shot in 3 days in Chicago

  12. Back in Montana

    When you "order up" out there? What color do you get?
  13. Wife has sciatica

    I went to a chiropractor in Millis who does what he call spinal cord networking. He barely touches your hair and then runs his hands down your spine and snaps his thumb on multiple areas, goes on to other patients, comes back two more times, and I have not had it for the last ten years. Dr...
  14. G

    Thank you, Good to meet you, except for the age comment, it was a great transaction

    Thank you, Good to meet you, except for the age comment, it was a great transaction
  15. Boxer-Waxman under fire for approving radical mission behind enemy lines.

    Who has to start a treason trial? Courts, Congress, or someplace else?
  16. Looks like the Sig P238 will be MA compliant

    I held one today at a gun store in Holliston. It was a perfect carry gun
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    what are you looking at

    what are you looking at
  18. G

    the 25 looks good for a carry gum

    the 25 looks good for a carry gum
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