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  1. FIOS internet users?

    Personally I love it. I got phone, ultimate tv package with hd/dvr box, and 25/25 internet for under 100 per month for a year, no contract. I have had no outage for over six months so far.

    No screwing around this year!!!
  3. Turn around time from Rock River Arms?

    I ordered mine through an ffl. No news yet. From what I understand they will hit your cc right before they ship. Im not 100% sure of that though. They have a rep in the forums at
  4. Turn around time from Rock River Arms?

    I ordered an LAR-8 on April 7th. Still waiting. :(
  5. Daughter's phone stolen at Six Flags.

    Think I got a Razr in good shape that you can have. Ill check when I get home if thats something you could use.
  6. Marines Replacing SAW`S

    I saw that on Future Weapons also." The best thing about it is you can use up your other squad members ammo also" . Paraphrasing from the show. I dont see the benefits from this but Im not too intelligent either so.....
  7. My New M1 Project (Formerly Rear Sight Issue)

    I have some en bloc clips I can part with. I also have some 30-06 surplus ammo. Send me a pm. :)
  8. I had a really bad Class III Malfunction today.

    Your next move should be to throw the gun down, yell aggressively at the target, and throw whatever "non-lethal" objects are close to you at the target. Then and only then will you be safe.
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