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  1. 9mm Montana Gold CMJ - unburnt powder?

    Hi all. I get what looks like a tiny bit of partially burnt powder ejected from my Glock 17 with the loads listed below. No other issues with the loads, except that the 3.7gr is a little weak locking the slide back on the last round. My groupings are tight and the gun cycles fine. I only noticed...
  2. Need to buy a Subaru, any recommendations?

    We're looking for a new Crosstrek. Anyone have a recommended dealer/salesperson they like?
  3. WTS DIR-655 Access point / router / gateway

    Pickup in Quincy/Milton/Boston or shipped. Great access point that's highly configurable. Wireless-N export and lower. $40 shipped
  4. WTS LNIB Airport Extreme

    Latest generation Airport Extreme. This almost brand new and comes with all original packaging. (I ended up getting a Time Capsule instead and don't need two access points.) Pickup in Milton/Quincy/Boston. Will ship priority for $5. $175 Gigabit Ethernet WAN port Three Gigabit Ethernet...
  5. Cerakoting with Golddiggie (pic heavy)

    Adam does a great job and is a blast to hang out with. He has an obsession with LEDs (which I can relate to), and he's a great beer brewer. Here are some old pre-ban mags he made new with Graphite Black Cerakote. Best you can do in the People’s Republic! Give him a shout if you need some work...
  6. Boston Marathon: please show up naked

    Well, not quite, but pretty close. Here's a link: Restricted items along the course route. Weapons or items of any kind that may be used as weapons, including firearms, knives, mace, etc. Backpacks...
  7. Help! Antenna SWR

    N00b Ham question. I have a mobile/base rig (Icom 7100). I have a mobile whip antenna for 2m/70cm plug into it (Tram 1185). The internal SWR meter is reading very high (beyond the 8:1 measurement). I'm only keying for a fraction of a section because I don't know what kind of internal...
  8. Is anyone a Laser Printer Tech?

    I'm very technical and mechanically inclined, but I still need some help. I have an older Konica Minolta Magicolor 2450 Color Laser Printer. It is offsetting the printing on each and every page. Sometimes I see "Paper Type Mismatch" on the display, which makes me think it's detecting the...
  9. Check out this HK MP5 target!

    Got to shoot an MP5 (SP89) at the range today. This was 30 rounds at about 35-40 ft out with factory iron sights. Man, that is a sweet gun.
  10. https access?

    I'd like to be able to access NES via SSL. Going to produces an ssl_error_rx_record_too_long error. If you need a cheap cert vendor, let me know.
  11. 2013 GOAL BoD Election - NES folks?

    Got my ballot in the mail. I'm just curious who on the ballot is on NES. I see BobP and Scouter-Rick (I think?) Has a list of BoD candidates been posted here yet? Google-fu returned nothing for me.
  12. The Original Mall Ninja Thread

    I was thinking last night about the original Mall Ninja. Mr. Gecko45/SPECOPS on GlockTalk. It's over a decade old now and long gone from the archives. Thankfully his posts have been mostly preserved. Teaser: It's long, but worth the read. May we all aspire to reach this level of tacticool...
  13. Front Site Training

    A family member of mine living in the midwest asked me over the weekend if I knew anything about Dr. Piazza's operation. He got a "lifetime membership" for an impossibly good price and wondered if it's for real. I saw a couple of reviews here from a few years ago, but...
  14. Preban P226 9mm magazines on sale

    Saw this on another forum. Figured I'd pass it along.
  15. Powders and burn rate

    First, it's a blast to finally be reloading, a mere year after I took Duke's class. I got into it because I was chewing through 40s&w ammo (sorry EC) doing action pistol shoots, but I'm sure I'll branch out from there. Ok, so tell me about powder burn rates and how they impact the behavior of...
  16. Santorum Music Video - Catchy

    What do you get when you cross a very religious Partridge Family and Rick Santorum? Game On: Kinda catchy. I wish some young girls with pretty voices would sing for Ron.
  17. Advice: NFA Trust Checking Account

    What banks do folks use for NFA Trust checking accounts? Is it important (for submitting ATF paperwork) that the check has the name of the Trust on it, or is it ok if the Trustee(s) are listed? Thanks in advance. PM if you prefer.
  18. GOP Field: Extend the PATRIOT act

    No I'm not trollin' or shilling for RP (although I really do like him). But this is SO frustrating. Perhaps they're pandering to the anti-terror crowd? Anyone have a ray of hope to offer here?
  19. Judge William Adams spanking/beating his daughter

    This is making the rounds and is stirring up debate. WARNING: I found the video difficult to watch. YMMV and you've been warned. This is part of the text attached to the video (from the now-adult-aged daughter)...
  20. Why college isn't for everyone

    Speaking of OWS and massive college debt, this article came up on one of the libertarian feeds. How College Has Killed Wealth Creation Teaser: Great article and so very true. In my parents' generation (baby...
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