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  1. Mass Compliant Flash Suppressors to Meet the Mass "AW" Ban Requirements

    I have the device on my AR, I have the letter. I asked a friend who's a State Police Officer what he thought before I had it welded on. He said no issues. Looks more like a comp than a suppressor and the letter takes the mystery away. I think the device described in this post is OK in Mass...
  2. Brand New Sigs Junk?

    Guess I'm one of the lucky majority. 226 9mm 229 40 229 SAS 220 Equinox All flawless so far. No FTF or malfunctions whatsoever. Same with my G17 & G19 3rd gens. Not even one issue.
  3. MA Resident with LTC owns weekend home in RI. Can I legally posses gun in RI?

    Thanks for all of the replies. Look like I might be OK. Which is where I started. I guess my next step is to go to the Local Chief Of Police (Gloucester/Chepachet) and see what he has to say. Maybe I can talk him to a Non Resident CCW.
  4. What Club/Range do you belong to?

    Hopkinton Sportsmen's Association and Worcester Pistol and Rifle Club
  5. MA Resident with LTC owns weekend home in RI. Can I legally posses gun in RI?

    In this scenario, I'm a Mass resident and I own a weekend home in RI. I have an unrestricted LTC-A in MA. Can I legally transport a gun, say secured in a trunk, to my RI house and have it legally available to me for protection while on my property? I searched the forums, but all I've found is...
  6. All This 1911 Talk...

    1911's I have two 1911's. SW 1911SC 45ACP SW 1911 9mm Pro Series. Both are flawless so far. The 9mm Pro Series is incredibly accurate and smooth. Very easy to fire, not much recoil. 10+1 in the chamber. Fit and finish on both SW's is excellent. I like them so much that I...
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