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  1. Another Question #10 help request

    A buddy of mine wants to go apply for his LTC. About 20 years ago (hes 38) he got into some trouble. He was arrested and charged. Before he ever went to court the person responsible for the incident came forward and confessed to the charges. Hes not sure if it was thrown out or dismissed etc. He...
  2. Recommendations for mounting Scope

    Hi guys, I am planning to purchase the Leupold VX-II 6-18x40mm Fine Duplex Recticle Riflescope and was looking for advice on what mount/rings etc. to use to mount it to my AR flat top. thanks in advance
  3. New to Carry...couple of questions

    I just purchased a Kahr PM9 for my first CCW. I'm using the flush mag.(6+1) DeSantis holster and Federal 135 grain Hydra-Shok. At the end of my day it goes in the safe since I have a different firearm in my Gunvault. Should I unload the PM9 before it goes in the safe? If so do I need to...
  4. Submitted LTC App Today

    Submitted my LTC class A application today in Danvers. I am new to the forum and I just wanted to say that I have read this forum extensively and have found it a great help in preparing my app. I wanted to thank everyone for all the input I have found here. I will post my results as soon as...
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