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  1. How to renew?

    I received a message that my membership expires soon, "click here to renew". That gets me to a page where I see upgrades available to "dealer" or "instructor" but no option to purchase "member". In a section called "purchased upgrades" it tells me membership expires next month but there is no...
  2. Schools Safer Now

    Found this in an article from the Daily Signal. It references a study by James A. Fox, Prof at Northeastern. Surprised I haven't seen it on the news yet - Schools Safer Now Than They Were in '90s, According to New Study
  3. Holster optiion

    Since there was another thread recently on the P250 I thought I would post this for anyone interested SIG SAUER P250 COMPACT BLACK LEATHER PANCAKE HOLSTER RIGHT HAND sale price $15.00 - yes of course there is a catch, they get $10 for shipping. Still not a bad price...
  4. What the A.G. wants for Mass.

    A Murder Every 25 Minutes in Mexico, Where the Government Controls All Legal Gun Sales life is good when the gov controls all Edit - link didn't seem to copy above, try this...
  5. One bright spot in the media

    Fox 25 ( is running a poll -Do you believe stricter gun control laws would have prevented the tragedy in Newtown, Conn.? Last check - 18% Yes - 82% No
  6. Remora Holsters

    In case anyone has been thinking of trying one you might as well save a couple bucks. I got the this offer in an email - Remora Holsters would like to wish all of our customers a safe and happy holiday season. To show our appreciation we are offering a store wide 10% discount to all Remora...
  7. Kholster Memorial Day Sale

    FYI - From an email from Kholster today: The Kholster 2012 Memorial Day sale is on! All tuckable holsters are just $40 delivered! weblogo200 Sale runs now throught the end of May. Visit and order your new tuckable holster today!
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