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  1. Schools This Fall

    You said at the begining of last week you were optimistic about schools opening but that faded by the end of the week... any change since then? I know schools are supposed to wait for new guidance from the state on August 1st but what do you expect that to be? I feel like its just going to be...
  2. Schools This Fall

    ‘05 here!
  3. Schools This Fall

    At my job we have been working with a number of schools quoting equipment they will need but most wont sign because they are not 100% sure whats happening. One of them said they all got an email that under no conditions are they to tell any parents about any plans for reopening right now. New...
  4. Vertical locking wall mount for long guns

    This looks like a great product. Let me know when your ready to start selling them as Id be interested in one depending on the price. Thanks
  5. Legal ethics question

    I do think they should have to be more upfront about it and I think some will negotiate the price. My lawyer was fairly straight forward when I asked about it. He said 99% of the time you wont need it. However, you do not want to be that 1%.
  6. Mosquito Spray Recommendations

    My own property.
  7. Mosquito Spray Recommendations

    Do you need any special licenses in MA to do the mosquito and tick application?
  8. Mosquito Spray Recommendations

    Where did you get the garlic spray? Im thinking about picking up the sr430 to do our yard myself this year. Do you mind saying what you paid for it? I see prices around 669.
  9. COVID Converts

    I know there was a thread a while back about all the people asking to just “borrow a gun” from their friends or how dumbfounded they were when they tried to purchase one. We were all wondering how many would do anything about getting licensed when things started to calm down. Well I am happy...
  10. New favorite Scotch.

    One of my best friends who Ive known since kindergarten hit it big on a scratch ticket years ago. He wanted to celebrate so he took a few of us all out to a really nice steak house. Him and his wife are extremely generous and great people but they do sometimes try to show off and act like they...
  11. Sheered off my Dan Wesson scope base screws today

    There is a place called Boltdepot in Hingham that we use at work a lot. You could give them a try.
  12. Paintball

    The last time I played paintball was when my brother was in ROTC at Northeastern. They were doing war games with the ROTC from BC and he called me to see if I wanted to join. I had no idea what they were doing but went along. The “war games” were on a base in the north shore and they brought in...
  13. Deals and steals

    Just ordered some. Thank you!
  14. Just Got My Stimulas Check

    I watched this CPA explain how it works. Around the 5:05 mark he talks about the 2019 return being what they use. Again I am not 100% sure but something to look into. View:
  15. Just Got My Stimulas Check

    I believe when you file your 2020 return it will look at your 2019 returns and if you were not supposed to get anything it will take it back.
  16. Gun Club closure megathread

    Massapoag just extended the closure until at least May 4th.
  17. Businesses Closed and Still Demand Payment

    When daycares were shut down until April 7th our daycare said that non subsidized parents had to pay tuition. We really like the place so we didn't argue. It was only a couple of weeks. Wednesday rolled around and the state said they had to be closed until May 4th. They changed their policy and...
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