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  1. RI conceal carry application. Expunged record?

    I am considering at some point applying for a conceal carry permit in RI. About 20 years ago, I had 2 separate misdemeanor arrests and convictions. Neither were for violence(marijuana possession and disorderly). One was filed initially for one year....but I was arrested 4 months after for the...
  2. Help reassembling Ruger MKiii

    I am about to scream if I have to battle this any longer. I have spent hours trying to do this [crying] I followed the video, and several like it here: The bolt slides in fine. The hammer is down. But I cannot for the life of me get the mainspring...
  3. disposing of old shotgun

    I have a very old shotgun, non functioning, that I need to be rid of. How do I go about doing this? This is RI, city of Providence.
  4. Shipping to out of state FFL from RI

    I am in RI, I sold a gun on an online auction. Going by what I was reading, I would have been able to ship to a FFL through UPS. But when I ran it by my local FFL, she said it was illegal....though she may have thought I was referring to mailing it USPS which is obviously illegal. Also the...
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