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  1. WTS Assorted glock parts

    zev pro connector (new) fits all glocks except 42, 43, 43x,48. $10. Wheaton arms flat face trigger with gen 3 polished bar( test fit only). Fits gen3 and 4 9mm, 40 s&w, and 357 sig. Doesn't fit gen 5 or single stack models. $60. Lone wolf billet locking block ( new) see pic for info.$25...
  2. WTS Preban pwa ar 15

    preban pwa lower. Magpul moe stock. Anderson 16" barrel upper with 3 port muzzle brake. 15" free float keymod rail and 1 30 round magazine. Transfer at my ffl. Buyer pays transfer. Located in dighton. $1900
  3. WTS Daewoo dr-200 preban

    Daewoo dr-200 pre 94 kimber import. Ace folding stock and original stock included. Test fired only. 1 preban mag included. $1750 cash no trades. Ftf in dighton.
  4. Please delete

    Hello all, im looking to install a plus 2 extension on these mags. Looking for an oem one, if anyone has a part number or a photo of one please share. Do the newer plus 2's work? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  5. get well wishes

    Hello im posting this for cdust666 (aka al) im his friend and im using his tablet while visiting him in the hospital. On fri dec 19th he was rushed to the hospital after not feeling well. He was in septic shock with congestive heart failure and kidney failure. He is always buying and selling on...
  6. please delete

    Hello everyone i was thinking about getting a 938 but from the reviews ive seen they are not reliable. Does anyone have one and if so any problems or dislikes. Any info will be helpful. Thank you
  7. please delete

    Hello all i have a g27 i carry all the time. With summer coming i want a small lightweight gun ive had a khar pm 9&40 both game me problems. Anyone have a sig 938 and what are your thoughts on this gun or any suggestions. Thank you
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  10. WTS assorted cordless drills

    Skill 12v cordless drill w/charger and 2 batteries in excellent condition -$30 Craftsman 19.2v drill w/charger and 1 battery in excellent condition -$50 Dewalt 18v drill w/charger and 1 battery in used condition -$60 Listing this for a friend im located in fall river but work in cambridge if...
  11. please delete

    hello everyone.i was looking to purchase a g27 for edc. if anyone who carries a g27 how is the recoil? all over the web it says its a "snappy" round i currently carry a 3" 45 with liberty 78 gr hollowpoints. gun shoots great and is reliable but i want something new. i have always been a 1911 guy...
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  13. please delete

    hello nes members and guests i was just wondering are 3" kimber ultras a good gun. i have a new unfired ultra tle 2 and was thinking about selling it for a smaller edc like a springfield xds 45. i know the xds has been recalled and all the research i do it seems it has problems. any input would...
  14. gun shop in Fall River

    New gun shop in Fall River they are located on 112 Tripp st. Excellent and friendly owners with lots of hand guns and rifles. Lots of glocks, and ar 15's. they are open now but their grand opening is sept 21st @10 am. you have to check this place out its great. Give them a call at 508-674-7030...
  15. WTS moving sale

    moving shortly up for sale is as follows: less than a week old queen mattress set $250 or b.o. yamaha 100 wt tuner sherwood 100 wt tuner yamaha 5 disc player harmon kardon cd burner bose sound system acustimas 2 series 5 for all the electronics I have no remotes but they are in good shape and...
  16. ltc renewal question

    Hello fellow nes members and guests. My ltc is in the renewal process it expired today. Am i able to sell any firearms while im waiting for my new ltc?. Any help would be great. Thank you al
  17. ma ok gun need help

    I was just wondering how a Massachusetts gun dealer can say that a gun is mass compliant and sell it as mass compliant when it is not. To make the long story short I bought a gun from a mass gun dealer that said was mass compliant. I wanted to trade it in on another gun so I went to a local...
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