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  1. References on renewal

    i am up for renewal and must now provide written references, what info should be included in the letter and in what format? Thank you.
  2. Timney trigger for R.E.M. 700 Police

    Hello everyone. I am looking to replace the trigger in my 700 police from the mid 90's, are all the triggers available today compatible with my rifle? Thank you.
  3. Ruger LCR 9mm Sight Recommendations

    Hey everyone. Like the title says I am looking for an aftermarket front sight for my Ruger LCR in 9mm. I originally wanted to get an XS Big Dot but on the website it says that the XS sight that will work for .38/.357 will not "regulate" for the 9mm/.22 cal. version. Can anyone give me an idea...
  4. Kahr PM-40 mod question

    I just picked up a Kahr PM-40 and it is a great shooting gun, I have a problem with the safety on the gun however. As you can imagine the gun has a stiff but controllable recoil, the safety gets jammed into my thumb joint and starts to rub the skin off after about 25 rounds or so. I would like...
  5. Light 1911 work needed, who to call?

    I have a 1980's Commander and I want to put on some night sights and a long trigger. It is not a big job, is there anyone who does not have a 2 month lead time?
  6. Transfer through dealer same as an out right sale?

    I am out of FA-10's for the year, if I go through a dealer for a transfer/sale is it the same thing as a private sale?
  7. Sale of a firearm the same as a trade?

    I have reached my 4 sales for the year but have the possibility of a straight trade with another forum member, does the state classify a trade as a sale even though no money traded hands? A grey area perhaps? Thank you in advance for any replies I may receive.
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