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  1. Benelli M4 Recoil Experience?

    Whoops, sorry Disregard my comment about inertia guns
  2. Benelli M4 Recoil Experience?

    It’s an inertia gun. IME it’s going to kick more than a gas semi.
  3. Bought mt first RDS.

    You can always just remove the sights completely. I made my first optic mount a few years ago to see how I liked it. Took it off the gun and never installed the rear sight. Did lots of training with that set up out to 20 yards
  4. S&W Bodyguard or similar

    Looking for an S&W Bodyguard or similar sized/priced .380. DAO or safe action, no single action. Something to carry infrequently, so not looking for anything too expensive.
  5. Lawyers to setup Trusts for SBR

    Give Jeff Bussell a call. Red Dog Legal. He’s a member here. Fantastic to work with
  6. Identify this flower

    Maybe rare in certain areas, but not here on the Cape. I have over 140 (so far, they can pop up any time from about May 1 to June 21 around here) within a 1/4 mile of my house. Last year the count was 228. Another spot in Mashpee, I counted 60 in one day last year along a 1 1/2 mile hike.
  7. Lg repair guy..a moment please

    LG has had a ton of compressors go just after warranty. (Some still covered) After three years of replacing them, they were having about a 30% failure rate. They now do a software update with the compressor replacement. It’s probable they are trying to get ahead of the game.
  8. Maine restaurant loses health and liquor licenses after defying state virus orders

    The owner didn’t force anyone to go there.
  9. 2020 Fishing thread

    Both We typically try for as many species as possible. I got a nice pick in August last year from one of my go-to ponds for multi species. Sent it in even though I already had a pick. Ended up winning the gold for the year.
  10. 2020 Fishing thread

    My boy and I have been doing alright so far. 4 pins so far and close on the perch and crappie. April 6 was our first day out last year.
  11. Sorting hooks

    I’ve been using snapswivels for that for years! Definitely helps stay organized
  12. How To Get An FFL - New Class Added! Wednesday 3/5/20 - Littleton, MA

    I drove up from Cape Cod after work. Distance is no excuse for the value of this class.
  13. Bullseye equipment

    How much are you asking?
  14. any appliance (dryer) repair guys here?

    Heading to work for a few hours. I will get back on here tonight and walk you through it. If you want to PM me a regular email address, that is easier for me.
  15. any appliance (dryer) repair guys here?

    On that model, the lower panel comes off first. There are clips that lock it into the door panel. A putty knife pushed between panels (about 5" in from each side) and upwards should disengage them. The panel then tilts toward you and lifts off.
  16. any appliance (dryer) repair guys here?

    My guess is door switch since no light. Common failure on that machine, fairly easy fix, but... Start with the basics. 1. Unplug machine 2. Check for 240 volts 3. Check door switch if no light A service call will be much more than $40. We get $119, same day call is $225. And we are one of...
  17. Liberal License Plate Gone Wild

    Did you talk to the owner? Did they say that's what it meant? If not, you sound like the local snowflakes that get triggered by assuming something.
  18. Received a notice from the State of MA urging me to begin the LTC renewal process now

    I got my renewal notice yesterday also. Six months AFTER it expired and three months AFTER I had my new license in hand. State efficiency at its finest!
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