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  1. Airbag Settlement Check

    Anyone get an airbag settlement check for $62.50 recently?
  2. Secretary Pompeo -China has a list of sell-out governors and he's seen it. I called the governor's office today to ask if Chuck will be found to be friendly, hardline, or ambiguous. She wouldn't say.
  3. Don't mess with pot bellied old men x2

  4. Crazy dude in moose costume gets up close to bull moose.

    Then decides to start shit with him.
  5. Lawmakers seek relief from frivolous record requests

    "Government agencies are frequently asked to disclose public records, in part because such records are not available on government websites or not easily made available when requested." "The bill (H 2740/S 1899) would allow cities to reject a complaint or request if the complainant has filed...
  6. Operation Gladio

    Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between The Vatican, The CIA, & The Mafia It seems some members have heard of this before. WWII Saboteur's cache in Latvia
  7. Axios Reporter reports she went to ER 3x after she was drugged.

    Axios Reporter Covering 2020 Presidential Campaign Reports She Went to ER Three Times After She Was "Drugged" at St Regis Hotel Bar Blocks from White House Developing... No police report so far? ER 3x? Smollet 2.0?
  8. NYT-The next front for gun control is smaller bullets

    New York Times: Next Front for Gun Control Fight Is Smaller Bullets The NYT notes: Over recent decades, the size of bullets fired by the typical handgun has increased. Changes in design have made it easier to fire big bullets from concealable weapons, and manufacturers have marketed more...
  9. **Graphic** Pit Bull attacks Detroit mail carrier

    From Liveleak. Pretty bad attack. No blood, but they have to beat it to death. Another example of a time a gun would have been handy. Edit: Should have said beat it near to death.
  10. Mom's gut feeling stops planned school shooting???

    Mom with 'gut feeling' stops school shooter before planned attack TLDR version: Mom with mixed race kids wakes up to vulgar and threatening Farcebook posts and reports them to the police. State and local cops decide go to guy's house and lo and behold... at that exact time they arrive he's...
  11. Pot head with a gun

    I'm guessing the gun isn't real or he probably would have been shot.
  12. Shortest Gun Range Visit

  13. Car crash and fight.

    View: Just another night at the Brady mart. "Davenport Police say no one is in custody after a fight and a car crash involving multiple people at Brady Mart in Davenport. The owner says the crash caused $20,000 in damages."
  14. 2 scumbags bomb children's party in Canada

    15 people injured after 2 men set off a bomb at a restaurant in Canada, police say Bombing a child's party is the very definition of terrorism.
  15. Boar hunting does not go as expected. (graphic)

    Guess you should bring more than some dogs and a knife to hunt boar. Little porker didn't look that big, but wow, if they get you before you get them.... If you go to the liveleak site, there are photos of what it did to him. It didn't post here. View...
  16. AR57. Giving it up for the children.

    View: So much fail. Edited. Didn't know an AR-57 existed.
  17. Elon Musk's Boring Company Flame Thrower

    Elon Musk apparently wasn't joking about a Boring Company flamethrower — it's here
  18. Utah man found guilty of selling semi-to-auto kits

    Utah man found guilty of selling kits to convert semiautomatic weapons into machine guns
  19. You Scratched My Anchor

    Outta My Way
  20. Let's see your gun beards.

    I pulled this thing out today looking like Don King.
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