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  1. Remember these bugs?

    Yup. Those things suck. I remember seeing a satellite picture of the Big River area in RI a few years apart and you could see the total devastation those things did to the trees. Unbelievable
  2. Biden just took a 15 point lead over Trump

    Polls to me are very antiquated. They have gone the way of video rental stores. 30 years ago, sure very relevant, today not so much. Who actually has a landline nowadays and who answers numbers on their mobiles that they don't recognize?
  3. Which RI Beach Tomorrow?

    Looks like a porbeagle to me
  4. NOTORIOUS RBG Back in Hospital

    She is definitely strong in her beliefs no matter how wrong she really is. I give her credit for not being a flip-flopping spineless jellyfish. That "honor" belongs to the bowl of pudding chief J. What a turd he is. Hopefully Ginsburg can take him with her when she goes
  5. Chicago Mayor Beetlejuice Lightfoot Blames Other States for Chicago's Gun Violence Program

    I remember Rahm, before her, used to blame Indiana all the time for Chicago's murderers and I forget which Republican lawmaker said it but to paraphrase they said well if Indiana's gun laws are responsible for Chicago then how does Gary, IN not have twice the violence as Chicago? But sense...
  6. Giffords 2019 50-State Gun Law Ratings

    I can't stop laughing!! According to these morons Illinois, thats right home to Chiraq, is "safer" than probably more than half the states. Wow, thats rich!
  7. Yellowstone - TV Series

    I was wondering where Beth's absolute hatred for Jamie comes from and now I know
  8. BLM speaker: "There is one common enemy: the white man ... we need to get rid of them"

    Napoleon Dynamite is threatening to get rid of white man? Bring it dork boy
  9. Mess with Red Bull, get the horns

    Their new summer series watermelon is actually pretty damn good
  10. Biden just took a 15 point lead over Trump

    Yeah no one cares about Virginia cuz they have black face Northam. It gonna come down to Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania. At least that's what I am hearing
  11. Trump Destroys Democrat Platform In Rose Garden Speech

    Plus comparing Katrina to Covid is apples and oranges. Katrina pretty much was pinpointed in one state, much easier to handle from a federal response. Covid is nationwide pretty much crippling all 50. Much harder to deal with logistically. Trump definitely needed the Governors to step up and...
  12. Trump Destroys Democrat Platform In Rose Garden Speech

    I see Spider bringing up Carter and HW but the HUGE difference in those 2 cases were that Reagan and Clinton were absolute superstars and studs at the time. Biden is the epitome of the "swamp" and a total do nothing politician. If the left had a rising star, I might agree somewhat but...
  13. Trump Destroys Democrat Platform In Rose Garden Speech

    When you have people like Leo Terrell going on Fox and saying that the democrats are off the rails, that's a sign that the left have serious problems. When guys like Leo are agreeing with the conservative arguments, not a good sign for the dems.
  14. Biden just took a 15 point lead over Trump

    Joe Biden is winning 28-3 in the Superbowl right now. Or for Nascar fans, Joe Biden is out in front, with 100 laps to go
  15. Biden just took a 15 point lead over Trump

    First of all out in public Trump support is literally costing people their careers so there is that and the only way Biden wins is through colossal voter fraud which would eventually be exposed hence the giant push for all these blue states mandating mail in voting. Now if the swing states all...
  16. 17 States That Will Gain or Lose Electoral-College Votes After the 2020 Census

    Oh boy do I hope that RI loses one of it's 2 house seats because I'm pretty sure it would be Sit's on Weenies (Cicilline) who would be gone. Freaking good riddance you giant turd.
  17. They're making plans; are you?

    Good way to get yourself shot in the face, honey
  18. Trump Rally NH

    Man I hope the Trump campaign can straighten this out because if the crowd size is compromised again from these liberal idiots it will be a real bad look. Especially seeing that these turds are openly announcing their intentions of sabotage right out in the open
  19. Best Calibers For Self Defense - Real World Study

    So there you have it, unless you carry .454 casull then you are doing it all wrong
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