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  1. MA Right to repair question 1

    True. Except that the 2013 law didn’t address “telematics” (note that the ballot question in 2012 DID include motorcycles and other vehicles, and the Beacon Hill “compromise language conveniently did away with that. Of course they did. Dirtbags.) Independents, as I understand it, can access...
  2. MA Right to repair question 1

    Simple solution. Too bad it’s irrelevant (at least for me). Neither my wife’s nor my car even *have* an ignition switch that accepts a key. Our “switch” is a push button next to the shift. In dire straits (dead fob battery) you can stick the whole fob into a slot on the dash. Key slot you can...
  3. MA Right to repair question 1

    Whether new or used, if this fails, at some point you’ll have a car that can only be repaired by an extortionate dealer at shop rates that would make a New York Madam seem cheap. If you are motivated solely by self interest, consider your future self. R
  4. Mrs. GaryO computer issue

    You post this or similar in nearly every thread about networking. Please stop. You’re wrong. Home networking help 300 mb/s *probably* outruns most people’s upstream to their isp, so, from that tiny view slit on the topic, it’s on par with wired. It’s also a theoretical speed and one is...
  5. Two GOP Candidates for US Senate Primary in MA

    please refrain from putting the word “qualified” in the same sentence as the name Shiva Ayyadurai. It is unseemly and inaccurate. So is “scientist.” unless you mean pus-stain; that he’s totally ”qualified” to be, given the lifetime of practice. Possibly pond scum as well.
  6. UBI, they want it bad.

    He knows it’s doa. Will never pass, but he (and Harris and the Bern) can use it in his ads and stump speeches. It’s an utterly cynical ploy by a politician desperate to stay on the congressional gravy train. I mean, hell, if he loses he might have to <shudder> get a job.
  7. Olivia de Havilland is Gone...With The Wind

    And Arabella Bishop to Flynn’s Peter Blood. She was way hot, but, no, 22 (well, 21 when they filmed it, 22 when it was released). She was 19 when she filmed Captain Blood, which was her second film. First was Midsummer Night’s Dream, filmed and released in 1935 as well. (Edited to add) And...
  8. Alright Ma**h***s, who are you voting for?

    I’ll be succinct: I would sooner cut my own balls off with a rusty pocket knife than give this cocknob a vote. invented email my arse. He’s a fraudulent pus stain.
  9. God hates boats

    just so you know ... I’m not actually planning on selling it for a few years ... hope you don’t mind the wait.
  10. Summer Vacation?

    My vacation last June was a catamaran delivery from USVI to Montauk. This summer was to be the Newport-Bermuda race. Nope. I am sad panda.
  11. God hates boats

    I’m shocked, shocked, I say, to discover that an MASP marine unit trooper was in error. That NEVER happens (except every time one of those twatwaffles open its flappers. Complete oxygen wastes)
  12. 6-year-old boy risks his life to save sister from brutal dog attack

    News report said the family was grateful for offers of donations but suggested people donate to the WWP instead. Kid is going to grow up amazing.
  13. Hightown

    The MaSP Boss insisting they raid the house without doing surveillance and hoping for a good press release out of it feels realistic - based on the number of photos of “arsenals” posted here anyway. But I don’t buy suspended w/o pay. No MASP trooper has ever been suspended withOUT pay. Not...
  14. Washington Redskins

    Damn straight! England for the Angles, I say! R Also get the Frogs^wBurgundians out of western Switzerland and give it back to the rightful Helvetii tribes!
  15. UPDATE: Police RAID house of gun-toting St. Louis lawyer couple and confiscate the AR-15

    Don’t be that a**hole. If you can’t make your case without descending to schoolyard taunts just stfu.
  16. UPDATE: Police RAID house of gun-toting St. Louis lawyer couple and confiscate the AR-15

    Video Camera w/ “shotgun” microphone. R
  17. Messing with people stories

    For the dozen or so geeks old enough to remember ... Punched tape. More specifically *mylar* punched tape. It laughs at your shredded cds and kicks sand in their faces :cool:
  18. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    @AntiHippie gave all the serious answers, so I’m left with stupid jokes. Oh well, I shall do my worst: ”What we have here is a failure to communicate” ”Hey man, just be glad I had fast reflexes. […] Relax all right my old man is a television repairman; he’s got this ultimate set of tools. I...
  19. UPDATE: Police RAID house of gun-toting St. Louis lawyer couple and confiscate the AR-15

    That will turn out to be totally irrelevant in this context. Politicians never stay bought when their comfy, well paid, pensioned jobs are on the line. Donations only buy so many votes and the masses outweigh that by 100:1 Yay. /s
  20. Ma**h*** mysteries

    Dinner is the main meal of the day, served around noon and supper was a lighter meal served anytime after sunset. But you knew that :cool: R WTF do I know, I’m a townie from the burbs, but English was the third and fourth language, respectively, for my father and mother, so I sound like a tv...
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