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  1. NES FPS Gamers

    I am on counter strike source often with the same screen name, server
  2. Why are you still here??

    Hmmm, few things I enjoy keep me here. Skiing, fishing, spring, summer, fall, winter, Redsox, snow, Boston, NH, RI, MA, ME, Patriots, good job in Marlborough, tons of friends, Bruins, Samuel Adams, Dynamite, Celtics, Maine lobster, own property here... I think that is it for now.
  3. .577 T-Rex rifle video

    Not sure it this was already posted, but it would put me on my ass too I think.
  4. What's in YOUR pockets?

    Actually Type01313 gave me an inner belt holster a while back that fit it well, Thanks Dr.
  5. What's in YOUR pockets?

    I will play along, this is what I carry Just kidding I live in RI I am not allowed to carry. [sad2]
  6. Jay Severin Pro 2nd Yesterday

    I do listen to Severin from time to time, depending on his topic of discussion. I have become a big fan of Micheal Graham though, he has a good show in my opinion.
  7. Damn those Marines are a sneaky bunch

    THOSE SNEAKY MARINES......... Look Close...... If a Muslim sees a naked woman --- they are supposed to kill themselves. Ya got to love the Marines. If you don't stand behind our troops, please feel free to stand in front of them !!
  8. Pirahna having a snack

    My pirahna having a small snack, he is old though almost 10 years. When I bought him he was about the size of a quarter.
  9. First timer with a minigun

    The aftermath at the end makes it all worth while. I need to shoot one of those.
  10. OK, which one of you farted?

    Hillary just looks evil to me in every pic I see of her, like she is out for total domination ::gets chills:: [devil2]
  11. Opinions, gas or oil heat?

    Gas here, I have a condo 1200sqft. I keep my house at 71 F all the time and it is about $130 a month, in the winter.
  12. Shock & awe for your desk...

    That is the best, good find.
  13. Road Idiots

    My brother-in-law came up with the best solution for this. Everyone's cell phone # should be thier license plate number. You could easily just call the idiot and tell them to move. I thought it was "brilliant" (Guiness commercial)
  14. NES FPS Gamers

    I am in for CS:S night I am an admin on our servers we can host.
  15. 9-11-01 You will not be Forgotten

    As far as sending the soldiers a little something this site has setup some care packages you can chose from. I feel America is only as strong as our military and the support from our people
  16. Do you readily let others know of your gun hobby?

    I feel living in MA where a large percent is anti, more exposure only helps our interests. I have a NRA tire cover on my Jeep and I have had other members approach me and start chatting firearms, so it has it's good points
  17. Starting a pinball collection

    C-pher does this party you speak of involve alcohol? [cheers]. It is funny how drinking can make pinball a rowdy sport.
  18. Hillary vs McCain for Pres.

    I know Jon sorry, but Hillary as a US president just scares me. Don't get me wrong I am not against a woman president, just not a Hillary fan.
  19. Starting a pinball collection

    Just picked this puppy up a few weeks ago for the game room, I love it and have always been a pinball fan. I think I might have to start a colletction as a hobby. Anyone else collecting them?
  20. Hillary vs McCain for Pres.

    If Hillary wins, I think Canada will become a nice place to move to, I mean it can't be worse.
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